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Hydro-Québec poorly planned industrial demand, says Fitzgibbon

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The Canadian Press “We are working closely with Hydro-Québec to allocate the megawatts gradually, and, clearly, Quebec SMEs will be taken into account,” assured Tuesday the Minister of Energy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, questioned by the official opposition on the fact that almost 35% of businesses do not have access to enough energy to meet their current needs.

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Hydro-Québec poorly planned industrial demand, believes Energy Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon.

During question period on Tuesday, the official opposition argued that as many as 35% of businesses do not have access to enough energy to meet their current needs and are therefore forced to curb their investments and their expansion.

In response, the minister first maintained that it is “good news” that “30% of businesses want electricity” , because these are “major projects” for Quebec.

Mr. Fitzgibbon blamed the management of the state-owned company for this energy deficit. Demand far exceeds supply, he agreed.

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“We are in a difficult situation,” Mr. Fitzgibbon said. Indeed, demand was poorly planned at the industrial level by Hydro-Québec. »

He added, however, that Hydro's “ambitious” plan tabled in November aims to correct the energy deficit.

“We work closely with Hydro-Québec to allocate megawatts gradually, and, clearly, Quebec SMEs will be taken into account,” he assured.

In the House, Liberal MP Philomena Rotiroti quoted the president of the Manufacturers and Exporters of Quebec (MEQ), Véronique Proulx, who affirmed that businesses “are in complete uncertainty regarding energy supplies”.

In April, the minister indicated that he had authorized the procurement of several projects among the 150 that had been submitted to him, in addition to the 11 that he had already accepted.

In a memorandum submitted last year to a parliamentary committee, Hydro-Québec even pointed out that demand had stagnated in recent years, with barely 0.1% increase .

In an interview in a Quebecor newspaper, a spokesperson for the state company indicated that it had not seen the development of the demand from industrial players who want to decarbonize, with the aim of reducing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Hydro-Québec estimates that between 150 and 200 additional TWh will be needed to meet Quebec's electricity demand by 2050, or twice as much electricity as current production.

By 2035, it is estimated that 60 TWh will be needed, which translates into an addition of between 8000 and 9000 MW of power.

Hydro estimates that “75% will be used to decarbonize Quebec's current energy consumption, while 25% will fuel economic growth, particularly that of the industrial sectors necessary for the energy transition.”

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