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Ill, Pierre Garnier cancels new concerts

Due to his state of health, Pierre Garnier has to cancel several concerts, notably with the Star Academy.

"I still need to rest" : bad news for fans of Pierre Garnier, forced, once again, to stay away from the stage. The singer, winner of the last season of the Star Academy, announces in a story posted on Instagram à midday, that for health reasons, he will not be present for the next concerts. The artist had already' agrav; dû cancel Star Ac's tour dates à Toulouse and à Tours last weekend.

"My state of healthé having forced me to cancel my presence at last weekend's concerts “not having improved yet, I still have to rest,” begins Pierre Garnier on Instagram. Unfortunately, I will not be able to perform the evening Deezer Purple Door, as well as the next Star Academy concerts planned for next week. Geneva, Aix en Provence, Narbonne, Pau and Bordeaux."

And to conclude: "Don't worry about me, I am doing what is necessary to be able to come back in great shape and enjoy the future. your side of the latest shows coming up." If Pierre Garnier is back on his feet, he should return to the stage on June 27 & Orleans, for the last six dates of the Star Academy tour. If no details have filtered out on the nature of the illness which forces the young singer to rest, the rhythm of his life since the release of the TF1 TV show is on point. pointed out by some: between the release of his first album, various promotions and the Star Ac' tour.

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