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“I’m going to kill them…”: a mother threatens her little girls at knife point

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The mother filmed his threats. In one of the videos, her children can be seen, scared, hiding behind a blanket in the corner of a room.

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For months, a mother terrified her two little girls by saying she wanted to “pierce” them by pointing a knife at them. The thirty-year-old admitted her guilt at the Quebec courthouse.

Warning: The following text includes comments that can shock.

Elegantly dressed, the woman who holds a position as director in a Quebec company walked shamefully before the judge.

The prosecutor, Me Anne-Frédérique Coulombe, subsequently gave a blood-curdling account of the actions committed by the accused.

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Me Anne -Frédérique Coulombe, prosecutor for the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP)

The mother cannot be identified to protect the identity of his two daughters who were under 10 years old at the time of the events

According to the statement of facts read at the hearing by Mr. Coulombe, it was a friend who alerted the police, in November 2022.

The friend then mentions that since 2020, the mother sends audio and video messages when she loses patience with her daughters.

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This witness has kept three of these videos, which investigators were able to view.

Mr. Coulombe relates that in one of the videos, the mother says that she is going to kill herself and asphyxiate herself with the victims in the vehicle. We also hear the woman insulting her children repeatedly.

The police notice in a video that the mother is holding a kitchen knife that she points at the victims, saying she wants to pierce them.

The unworthy mother then sequesters the two little ones. You don't leave the room, she says in the video she sent to her friend. She continues in a threatening tone, brandishing the knife in front of the camera, she orders them to stay in the room even if it means doing their business there.

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L' lawyer for the mother, Me Benoît Labrecque

In another video, she adds: I'm going to kill them both bitches because one of them refuses to answer him.

The prosecutor reports that the images show the two little girls, scared, hiding behind a blanket on a bed in the corner of a room.

I was totally in psychosis at that moment, the mother expressed after hearing the ;#x27;statement of facts, for which the judge found her guilty last week.

There was no further discussion of his psychological state or current custody of his children, which will probably be discussed when determining his sentence.

She is on conditional release and will have to return to court in April, for observations on the sentence.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">The prosecution has announced that it will then present the videos as part of its evidence.

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