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Immersive experience: live your last moments in Pompeii before the eruption of Vesuvius

© Grand Palais/Didier Plowy

Due to its historical heritage, its culture, its landscapes and of course its gastronomy, Italy offers countless activities for the many tourists who visit the country each year. From the North point to the South point, there are many sites to visit, including the Cinque Terre on the West coast, the cities of Florence, Venice, Naples, Verona and even Rome of course, without forgetting Sicily&#8230 ; Added to this is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world: Pompeii.

Unr stunning (and creepy) reconstruction of the drama of Pompeii

Indeed, engulfed by the lava of Mount Vesuvius, the ruins of the city of Pompeii take many visitors back to the past, who can immerse themselves in the tragic destiny of the place and its inhabitants. It was Mount Vesuvius which was at the origin of the destruction of Pompeii, Herculaneum and even Stabiae, buried in the year 79 under ashes or a flow pyroclastic. In total, 15,000 people died buried, suffocated by burning ashes or burned alive.

In 2020, the Grand Palais in Paris offered an exhibition dedicated to Pompeii, including an unprecedented immersion. The exhibition notably offered an immersive journey to immerse the visitor in the heart of Pompeii, from the time of its splendor and during the tragedy of its destruction. All with very high definition 360° projections, sound creations and 3D reconstructions of streets and homes.

Enough to allow (among other things) visitors to relive the tragedy of Pompeii, through an immersive simulation that is still very impressive today (even though the latter suffers from some inconsistencies).

We see the eruption of the volcano, quickly followed by the fall of the first debris on the city, before the latter is covered in ashes and thick smoke.

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The immersive animation produced by Digital Projection and ETC Onlyview was very successful, managing to surprise spectators immersed in the very heart of the Italian city.

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