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In 2024, can we refuse a cash payment ? We tell you everything!

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A few days ago, we talked about bank card payments, and in particular the fact, among certain merchants, of imposing a minimum amount. A practice that is ultimately legal, but which can nevertheless make many customers cringe. The objective is obviously to free themselves from certain bank charges, and in the process encourage customers to pay in cash… however taking the risk of seeing them flee the store.

Cash payment, a reflex from ancient times… but what does the law say ?

Indeed, although it was once very widespread, payment in cash (in “cash” or in “cash”) is today rarer, including for small amounts. Many people pull out their credit card to pay for two Sunday morning croissants at the bakery or even coffee at the village bar. But what does the law say about paying in cash ?

First of all, it is good to remember that the legal currency circulating in France, namely euros (the coins and notes of which have been in circulation since January 1, 2002), must be accepted by everyone. However, just as payment by credit card can be refused by the merchant, payment in cash can also be refused, under certain conditions.

In 2024, can we refuse a cash payment ? We tell you everything!

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For example, a merchant has the right to refuse a cash payment if the coins are damaged and/or if the notes are torn/illegible. Likewise, the merchant can refuse a payment consisting of more than 50 coins. Note that the seller can also refuse payment in cash, if his cash balance does not allow him to give change.

The Public Service reminds that a merchant who refuses a cash payment, without particular reason, risks a fine of €150.

Added to this are also some legal rules concerning payment in cash, in order to fight (among other things) against tax fraud. For example, a payment made to a notary is capped at €3,000 in cash. The same goes for paying a salary, which cannot exceed €1,500 in cash. Payment in cash from an individual to a professional or between professionals is authorized up to €1,000.

From individual to individual, there is no ceiling, even if for any payment (in cash) greater than 1 500€, it is necessary to draw up a certificate of sale or a receipt, signed by the seller and the buyer, and drawn up in two copies.

While cash is declining, payment by bank card, particularly contactless, continues to explode. Last year, nearly 9 out of 10 French people adopted this means of payment which exploded during the health crisis.

And you, for small amounts, you prefer new generation contactless payment or cash “à l&# 8217;ancient” ?

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