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In France, YouTube is still at the top

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YouTube and France, it's a love story that lasts. For years, the platform has been doing particularly well for us. Our content creators benefit from an extremely cheerful, loyal and present community, ready to follow them on all fronts. Remember that Squeezie managed to bring together 60,000 people during the second edition of the GP Explorer last September.

On the occasion of the YouTube Festival 2023, the platform lifted the veil on extremely interesting figures on the habits of French users as well as the impact of YouTube on our economy.

French YouTube in good shape!

To begin with, YouTube continues to strongly appeal to Internet users despite many years with us. Considered as a social network, YouTube does better than TikTok, Snapchat or even Instagram. Indeed, users stay on the application for a long time. From their smartphone, their TV or their computer, the French spend an average of 37 minutes on YouTube every day.

If young people are YouTube's obvious target, the platform is now able to attract users of all generations. 94.2% of 25-49 year olds have already watched a video on the platform, the same percentage as 18-34 year olds (94.1%). In June 2023, YouTube had 41.3 million followers, a million more than the previous year.

In France, the weight of YouTube is undeniable. In 2022, 600 French channels exceeded one million subscriberswhile 6,000 French content creators have passed the milestone of 100,000 followers on the platform. The biggest players in French YouTube can now give themselves the means to achieve their ambitions and emancipate themselves from the boundaries of the web, like Squeezie or Léna Situations. From the end of the month, HugoDécrypte will have its own column on France 2 after conquering YouTube.

Justine Ryst, general director of YouTube France, emphasizes that the platform supports 21,000 full-time equivalent jobs in France. YouTube is no longer just about young people filming themselves in their bedrooms. Last year, the platform represented 850 million euros of French GDP. The economic impact of YouTube in France is staggering.

Asked about disinformation, deepfakes and everything that artificial intelligence can generate by Ouest-France, the general director of YouTube France claims to be extremely attentive. Between April and June 2023, the platform removed more than 7 million videos for non-compliance with YouTube's community guidelines. In France, 56,000 were deleted. “More than ever, we are vigilant; fundamentally vigilant because we are fundamentally responsible” she explains.

  • The French spend on average 37 minutes every day on YouTube
  • < li>In 2022, YouTube contributed 850 million euros to French GDP and supports more than 21,000 full-time jobs

  • More than 600 French channels have exceeded one million subscribers< /li>

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