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Influencer Andrew Tate detained in Romania

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Andrew Tate, former British-American professional kickboxer and controversial influencer, is taken by police officers to the Bucharest Court of Appeal , in Romania, on March 12, 2024, following his and his brother's arrest on charges of sexual offenses in the United Kingdom.

Agence France-Presse

New arrest for masculinist influencer Andrew Tate: followed by millions of Internet users, the 37-year-old American-British been detained in Romania following accusations of sexual assault in the United Kingdom.

He was arrested Monday evening with his brother Tristan, 35, at their residence near Bucharest, where they are under judicial supervision for another case.

Romanian police explained on Tuesday that they had acted under two European arrest warrants issued by British judicial authorities relating to sexual offenses and the exploitation of people, according to a press release.

These are suspicions dating back to 2012-2015, falling under Westminster court, said the Tate communications team. According to the same source, the complaints were rejected in 2017-2019, but they have resurfaced in recent months.

The former kickboxing world champion and his brother Tristan, 35, have categorically rejected the new allegations, saying they are appalled and deeply troubled.

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They are wondering about the motivations behind this legal action which appears to exploit the celebrity of Andrew Tate.

In June 2023, four women based in the United Kingdom formally notified their accusations in a letter demanding damages.

The McCue Jury&Partners firm, which represents them, welcomed this arrest, citing recent information indicating a possible plan to flee the Tates.

This is totally gimmicky. There is no proof, no truth in this assertion, reacted the brothers' lawyer Eugen Vidineac to the Bucharest court, which must rule on the arrest warrants issued at the beginning of 2024 .

During the hearing, the two accused, dressed in black, refused to be extradited to the United Kingdom, with Andrew Tate criticizing a botched 10-year-old case. I want to first finish the procedure in Romania and prove my innocence to the world, he told the judge.

The decision must be rendered no later than this evening.

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Andrew Tate arrives at the Bucharest Court, in Bucharest, Romania, Friday April 21, 2023. The two brothers, who maintain their innocence, are suspected of having formed a sexual exploitation network in early 2021 in Romania, as well as in the United States United States and United Kingdom. (File photo)

The Tate brothers are currently awaiting trial in Romania in a separate case of human trafficking in an organized gang, the justice system suspecting them of having duped several women for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

The two men, who proclaim their innocence, are suspected of having formed a network in early 2021 in Romania, as well as' in the United States and the United Kingdom.

They were arrested at the end of 2022 and had spent three months in detention . Indicted in June 2023, they are not authorized to leave the country.

According to prosecutors, the victims were trapped by the two men who simulated feelings towards them (the so-called “loverboy“), before being forced through acts of physical violence and psychological coercion into the production of pornographic films.< /p>

Andrew Tate is also accused of rape, committed twice.

The influencer was born in the United States in 1986, according to its website. But he grew up, with his mother and brother, in Britain in Luton, north of London, after his parents separated.

He has lived in Romania for several years. Before finding himself behind bars, he said he appreciated the freedom and the fact that corruption is accessible to everyone.

Jeff Yates and Alexis De Lancer during the recording of the 9th episodes of “Decryptors: the podcast”.

The kickboxer first became known by participating in the ;reality TV show Big Brother, in the United Kingdom, in 2016. But he was quickly eliminated after the broadcast of a video showing him hitting a woman.

Then he took to social media.

Banned from Instagram and TikTok for misogynistic remarks, he is followed by nearly 9 million people on the social network X (formerly Twitter) where he shows off his bulging muscles, smokes cigars and fascinates millions of teenagers with his luxury cars.

He promotes masculinist theses and uses his advice to men to help them become rich. His name is one of the most searched for on Google.

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