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Interview with Netanyahu on LCI: “Our victory is the victory of France”, assures the Israeli Prime Minister

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu spoke about on the LCI channel this Thursday, May 30, during an interview. In particular, he estimated that "the victory of Israel is the victory against anti-Semitism".

A message to France. The LCI channel broadcast an interview with Benyamin Netanyahu this Thursday, May 30. The Israeli Prime Minister was questioned on the situation in the Gaza Strip, on the offensives carried out in Rafah or the fate of the Hamas hostages. During this interview, he notably estimated that that “the victory of Israel is the victory of France.” “your victory,” he declared. in French, from Tel Aviv. "Our victory is the victory of Israel against anti-Semitism, it is the victory of Jewish civilization o-Christian against barbarism. “It’s France’s victory,” he assured. on the television channel.

Asked about the arrest warrant requested by the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court against him and his Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, the Israeli Prime Minister defended himself. “It's not about me. It's about the State of Israel,” he said. “It is the right of the Jewish state alone to defend itself in the years following the Holocaust. And the Hague prosecutor is fighting this right through two falsifications. The first is to make a false equivalence between the democratically elected leaders of Israel and the leaders of Hamas. (…) The second attack is that they say that we have a policy of starving civilians. “That is absolutely false,” he retorted.

The strikes in Rafah

A deadly bombing hit a displacement camp Rafah, Sunday May 26. Despite international outrage, the Israeli army continued its strikes. "Every civilian death is a tragedy. Every time I see a child or a woman, or an innocent civilian die, for us it is a tragedy. But for Hamas, it is a strategy. They knowingly use civilians as human shields, he said, recalling that "in Mali, French forces seeking à targeting terrorist commanders accidentally bombed a marriage, causing a lot of civilian deaths. " But I wouldn't say that Macron is a war criminal", concluded the Israeli Prime Minister on this point. 

He also compared Operation Rafah at the landing of Allied troops in Normandy, June 1944. When we go to Rafah is the equivalent of the landing in Normandy, of their attack on Germany. And people will say: 20% of the Nazi army can be left intact, don't go back. Berlin'", he judged.

What future for Gaza?

The Israeli Prime Minister also addressed the issue. the subject of recognition of the State of Palestine, believing that such action would "encourage" terrorist acts around the world. "Terrorists could strike the West from this Éstate," he continued. "You have had attacks à Nice, Toulouse, the assassination of Samuel Paty. If you built a terrorist state side from home, would you continue à have peace ?", he asked. 

For Benyamin Netanyahu, Israel ël "must do three things" &agrav; Gaza: the first consists of; "defeat Hamas terrorists." Second step: "ensure that there is effective demilitarization”. And finally, proceed to "radicalization". Once these three steps have been completed, well, "the Palestinians must have autonomy. They must have the power to govern themselves and not the power to threaten Israel, he said. 

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