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iOS 17.1 is coming to your iPhone: why you need to install it urgently

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Apple has started to deploy version 17.1 RC of iOS, for users of its beta program. Several new features are on the menu with iOS 17.1, notably the “return of folders offered automatically when moving an email in the app” eponymous, according to our colleagues at iPhon.frwho looked at the release notes of this new version. But we know that nearly a dozen technical problems have also been resolved with this RC (release candidate), hence the interest in installing the version final which will follow, as soon as possible, especially if you are already having problems with the previous edition.

This RC is therefore a sign that the final version should not take long, hence the term hidden behind its initials. For now, however, it is only recommended to upgrade to beta knowingly. Indeed, although several patches are indeed available, incidents can still occur with an advanced version. Even more so if it has just been released, and the errors in question have therefore perhaps not yet been spotted – and even fewer corrected.

How to quickly update your iPhone to iOS 17.1?

You should normally receive a notification on your iPhone when the final version of iOS 17.1 is available. If this is not the case, here is how to download the new version and install it on your device to take advantage of the associated new features:

  1. check that your iPhone is compatible with iOS 17 (this is the case for iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, among others)
  2. go to the app Settings
  3. tap General
  4. tap Software Update
  5. finally follow the instructions displayed on the screen

iOS 17.1: some major new features

With the final release of iOS 17.1, likely arriving next week or early November at the latest, users can now customize the thumbnail for every playlist created with the Apple Music streaming service. Count on 4.99 euros per month for the basic subscription (Voice package), or 9.99 euros per month to access Lossless.

iPhones running iOS 17.1 are also seeing the functionality. NameDrop on Apple Watches paired with it. Announced during the Worldwide Developer Conference, this option, which is similar to AirDrop, allows you to very quickly share your contact details and a profile photo with a friend… wireless. All you have to do is bring two devices close to each other, and that's it.

With this, iOS 17.1 is the opportunity to discover a new indicator activity when using the flashlight. The icon in question is located within the Dynamic Island and therefore reserved only for iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15 “classics” and the iPhone 15 Plus – at the moment.

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