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iOS 18: Will Apple break the mold with a new design ?

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iOS 18 won't be available until fall. But it should be presented in June, during the Cupertino company's WWDC conference. And, while waiting for this event, many rumors are already circulating about new software products that Apple could offer. Previously, a source indicated that iOS 18 could be a historic update for the iPhone. And now, a new rumor is circulating, indicating that Apple would modify the design of the iOS interface, so that it is close to the visionOS interface.

In an article published this week, the MacRumors site relays an Israeli media outlet (The Verifier) ​​which would have indicated that Apple will bring certain elements of the visionOS operating system to iOS 18 and iPadOS 18. Regarding the iPhone, Apple could make changes to the operating system menus, as well as to applications, including Safari.

But for the moment, this information should naturally be considered with caution, since it does not come from an official source. In addition, MacRumors warns that the site it relays has been wrong in the past. But at the same time, it would be normal for Apple to want the interface of the iPhone and that of the Vision Pro to have some similarities. In 2020, for example, Apple updated the macOS interface so that it was reminiscent of iOS and iPadOS. This led some observers to think that Apple was preparing a touchscreen MacBook (which was denied).

An important update, in any case

iOS 18 should above all allow Apple to launch new features based on artificial intelligence generative. While companies like Amazon, Google, Meta and Microsoft have embarked on a real AI race, Apple has not yet launched products based on generative AI.

However, the firm has already confirmed that it is working on this technology. And recently, Tim Cook indicated that Apple will make a major announcement this year. “Going forward, we will continue to invest in these and other technologies that will shape the future. This includes artificial intelligence, which we continue to devote considerable time and effort to, and we are excited to share details of our ongoing work in this area later this year.”, he said, this February.

Rumors are circulating about a ChatGPT type AI which would already be tested by employees from Apple. Later, this AI would be used to improve the quality of interactions with Siri.

  • Apple prepares iOS update 18 for the iPhone, which should be presented this June at the WWDC conference
  • According to rumors, this update could include design improvements, making iOS and visionOS look more similar
  • Caution is still advised, but this is not not the first time that Apple has tried to converge its different platforms
  • The iOS 18 update should also be used by Apple to present its first features based on Generative AI
  • Apple has already confirmed that it is working on this technology and will make an announcement this year

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