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iPhone 17: Apple is preparing a new product already present at Samsung

Expected in 2025, the future iPhone 17 is already available. talk about him via a new feature recently discovered among Samsung mobiles.

While we are still waiting for the release of the iPhone 16 scheduled for the end of 2024, this is its successor, the iPhone 17 which has recently been making headlines. According to several leaks, Apple is planning a new feature. very interesting for the screen of its future smartphone. come in 2025.

This rumor comes from an account on the social network Weibo (equivalent to Twitter in China). The latter indicates that Apple would work hard to improve the screen of the iPhone 17 and in particular its reflection . This would allow the smartphone to produce much less reflections, especially when the latter is used near a light source.

This addition planned by Apple for its future iPhone 17 may tell you something. This is one of the best new features added to the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and that we were able to try during our dedicated test. eacute;. Apple would therefore catch up within the next two generations of the iPhone. According to leaks, such technology would not be ready for future use. time for the next iPhone 16 which, if it is to be unveiled in September, should soon enter the production phase.

iPhone 17: Apple is preparing a new product already present at Samsung

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has effective anti-glare. © Linternaute/Julian Madiot

The new screen of the iPhone 17 would also be much more resistant to scratches. Another way for Apple to boast the resistance of its most iconic product. However, you will have to wait until '` the end of the year 2025 to check if all these rumors are true.

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