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IPTV: pressure increases on pirates with this radical technique

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The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is an organization that represents the interests of studios and major platforms including Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros, Netflix, and Canal+ in France. As one can imagine, the latter take a very dim view of the success of pirate IPTV among Internet users.

The pressure is increasing on the pirates

They are deploying a strategy which is not necessarily well known to the general public, but which highlights harm the activity of these illegal groups. Thus, TorrentFreak reports that the ACE has made a habit of “seizing” domain names of services and pirate sites.

Beforehand, they make these actors understand that it is in their interest to drop the matter and give them this address. According to the count made by our colleagues, the organization managed to take several hundred sites offline, and took control of numerous domains. The total comes to around 1500.

In some cases, the site owners completely give in to the rights holders and accept that their sites redirect directly to the site of the Motion Picture Association (MPA), another organization representing the main studios.

Recently, this strategy has been adopted in the “XNET Ultimate” who was employed to sell IPTV subscriptions. The latter also displayed an unequivocal slogan: “Why have cable television when you can have XNET Ultimate” .

It is now entirely under the control of the MPA and is therefore no longer able to harm the interests of its members. The same fate befell other nearby domains, including xnetiptv.com, xnet4k.com, xnet4k.com.

A big player in piracy wiped off the map

It will be interesting to see the effectiveness of these measures in the long term. In any case, they hinder the action of pirates by increasing the pressure on them. Moreover, the supply of illegal IPTV could be reduced if these portals come under the control of entertainment giants.

As a reminder, this is not the first time that the ACE has distinguished itself by very firm actions. We spoke to you in July 2023 about the closure of the 2Embed platform obtained by this collective. It offered an API to pirate sites to broadcast continuously without having to manage the supply or storage of broadcast productions.

In the process, several hundred sites did not were more able to offer their content. To find out more about this case, you can always reread our article here. What do you think of this tactic used against IPTV? Tell us in the comments.

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