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Iran - Israel: three explosions near Tehran, the start of an Israeli response ?

Three explosions occurred à dawn this Friday, April 19, near an Iranian air base, near Isfahan. Iran assures that several drones have been destroyed. successfully shot down. Is it there? the Israeli response five days after the attack on Tehran? The State refuses any comment.

The essentials

  • Three explosions occurred; heard in Iran, near military bases near Isfahan, this Friday April 19. Iran assures that several drones have been destroyed. successfully shot down, but no missile attack has yet taken place. The authorities add that '"no major damage" is not available deplored and that military and nuclear installations "are completely safe".
  • Are these explosions which occurred five days after Iran's attack on Israel a response from the host state? ;eacute;breu ? The Israeli government refuses to make any comments at this time.
  • The United States, however, wasé warned of an Israeli attack on Iran according to American officials cited by NBC and CNN. "We have not approved" the response", addedé the person in charge.
  • The Iranian Foreign Minister assured this Thursday before the Security Council that of the United Nations that in the event of the use of force by the Israeli regime and violation of [its] sovereignty, , the Islamic Republic of Iran will not hesitate for a second to assert your rights, à respond decisively and adequately, make the regime regret its actions.


18:28 – Paris calls à "stop military escalation"

After the attack on Iran that occurred last night, France reacted through the spokesperson Deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Christophe Lemoine. Unsurprisingly, Paris reiterated his call "to stop military escalation in the Middle East", assuring that it"is in the interesté no one's anger and would only increase the instability of the population. and insecurity" in the region. In his press release, Christophe Lemoine recalled that that France worked above all à "de-escalation with its partners".

17:27 – A demonstration à Téhéran against Israelël

After this Friday's prayer, hundreds of ;Iranians demonstrated in the streets of Tehran against Israel. The crowd waves Palestinian flags. 

16:16 – The strategy of silence

Neither Israel nor Iran has mentioned this. responsibility explosions that occurred near Isfahan this Friday morning. According to Fabrice Balanche, lecturer at the University Lyon 2 and Middle East specialist interviewed by Le Parisien, the silence of both parties avoids & Israel is accused of being accused of interference from one side and on the other, it avoids further damage. Iran to admit to having been killed hit from the outside, which would be a kind of humiliation, and therefore to be obliged to do so. to fight back.

The United States also remained silent until 2015. NOW. For the moment, they have only declared not having participated in it. According to the expert, the Americans know that Iran needs to “save face” vis-à-vis the Muslim world. Furthermore, "claiming victory could also push Iran & replicate on American bases in the region, suggests Fabrice Balanche. 

15:02 – The UN "condemns any act of retaliation"

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres "condemns any act of retaliation" in the Middle East saidé his spokesperson this Friday, after the explosions observed in Iran. “The Secretary Generaléamp;eacute;amp; “It is high time to stop the dangerous cycle of retaliatory attacks in the Middle East,” he added. saying that otherwise they fear a "generalized regional conflict".

Un man has entrenched himself &agrav; inside the Iranian consulate, located in the Iranian capital. in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, reports Europe 1 citing a police source. The man wears an explosive belt and threatens to detonate it. The police headquarters called for help. &agrav; Avoid the area and ordered the closure of line 6 of the metro which serves the district, which was looped.

13:55 – The ÉUnited States"has not been é ;eacute; involved in an offensive operation"

The ÉUnited States "has not been' involved in an offensive operation" assuredé US Secretary of State Antony Blinken as reports of Israeli retaliatory strikes against Israel Iran have beené mentioned by certain American officials. "All I can say from our sideé and that of all members of the G7 is that our objective is de-escalation, he added. this Friday during a press conference after a meeting of G7 heads of diplomacy.

13:12 – European countries urge the "escalation"

After Germany, whose spokesperson and Chancellor Olaf Scholz declared; this Friday that "de-escalation must   be the message of the moment", Spain also called    "éavoid any action that could lead to an escalation of the conflict in the Middle East. Gravity of the moment demands responsibility and restraint on the part of all parties. 

12:56 – Turkey calls on the parties à "abstain"

This Friday, Turkey warned of the risk of tensions transforming into a permanent conflict. In a press release, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for ""all parts à refrain from any measure likely to lead to a wider conflict".

12:47 – According to Russia, Iran "does not want escalation& quot;

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergeï Lavrov announced this Friday that Russian leaders had contacts with the Iranian and Israeli authorities. Russia would then have indicated; &agrav; Israel ël that Iran "does not want escalation" tensions. 

12:08 – No response planned from the sideé oacute; of Iran ?

The origin of the explosions in Iran is still unclear. The Israeli government has remained silent since this morning, neither claiming nor clearing itself of having sent Israel. drones while the hypothesis according to which the explosions are signs of a response after the attack on Iran is being considered. Tehran, for its part, estimates according to the national agency Tasnim indicated that there is "no information indicating an attack from abroad against the central city of Isfahan or any other part of the country. Does this mean that Iran will not prepare a response even though the country had promised harsh retaliation? res in case of action by Israel ?

11:16 – An Israeli minister link incriminates the Jewish State

This is one of the Israeli reactions. The Israeli Minister of Security national, Itamar Ben Gvir, published on his X account a message seeming to incriminate Israel: "Dardaleh!" which is a Hebrew colloquial adjective that can be translated as "null" or "shabby". The minister immediately responded. accused of harming Israelël's strategy facing the crisis Téhéran by implicitly attributing to the Jewish State's responsibility explosions reported Friday morning in Iran. NEITHER the Israeli government nor its army have commented on these explosions.

10:35 – We must "refrain from any further action" according to the EU

The European Union has called on the parties to the conflict to take action. "refrain from any further action" after the explosions in Iran and the information concerning an Israeli strike through the voice of the President of the Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen: "It is absolutely born necessary for the region to remain stable and for all parties to refrain from any further action.

10:26 – The France continues to call à de-escalation

France remains faithful to its its position on the extension of the conflict advocating de-escalation and restraint between Middle Eastern countries, even if no official statement has been made été made by the government. After this reminder, the delegate minister &agrav; Europe, Jean-Noël Barrot, guesté from Sud Radio this Friday morning, believes that it is probably a little early for me to be able to comment on what happened. tonight", but assures that Emmanuel Macron' will speak "in due time".

09:50 – Syria denounces Israeli strikes on its territory

In addition to the explosions in Iran, explosions have been reported. heard in Syria according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH). The Syrian Defense Ministry denounced the attack. Israeli strikes this Friday morning in a press release : "Around 2:55 a.m. (local time, i.e. 1:55 a.m. French time), the Israeli enemy ledé an assault à using missiles (..) targeting our air defense sites in the southern region. According to him, the strike resulted in “material” damage. The OSDH agrees with this by referring to "Israeli strikes that targeted a radar position of the Syrian army in the province of Deraa, which had detected the entry of Israeli planes into Syrian airspace.

09:11 – Italy calls à the "escalation" in the name of the G7

Italy is the first European country to react to the explosions that occurred in Iran this Friday. The head of Italian diplomacy Antonio Tajani who chaired the a G7 meeting called for &agrav; an "escalation" after receiving information regarding an Israeli strike against Iran: "We invite all & prudence and &agrav; Avoid climbing. The G7 wants absolute de-escalation in a region prey to crisis. severe tension" he declared. &agrav; Italian television.


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