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Iran's attack on Israel: offensive foiled, war still close

Iran has launched a drone attack against Israel, Saturday April 13, 2024 in the evening. Largely intercepted by Israel and its allies the United States and France, this strike reaffirms the possibility of war. of a new war in the Middle East.

The essentials

  • Iran has launched an air attack against Israel, Saturday April 14, 2024, after several days of escalation between the Islamic Republic, Ally & Hamas, and the Jewish state, whose military operation Gaza is still ongoing. Around 200 drones and missiles were reported to have been deployed. launched.
  • Most of the Iranian strikes were carried out intercepted. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, declared that American forces had contributed to the &agrav; shoot down almost all of the drones and missiles fired by Iran at Israel. France also contributed &agrav; the defense of Israel.
  • Emmanuel Macron condemned "with the greatest firmnessé the unprecedented attack launched by Iran against Israel. 
  • Israel deplores some material damage on a military base and reports only one seriously injured, a 7-year-old girl, urgently hospitalized. 
  • The attack, dubbed "Honest Promise", aimed   "punish" Israel after strike on Revolutionary Guards consulate Damascus, at the beginning of April, which had cost life &agrav; two Iranian generals. On Saturday morning, Iran announced the seizure by its maritime special forces of a ship accused of being a terrorist. be "lié" &agrav; Israel, in the waters of the Persian Gulf.


12:38 – Iran summons British, French and German ambassadors

Apr& Following Iran's attack against Israel, condemned by several Western powers, including France, the Iranian government convened, this Sunday, April 14, the British, French and German ambassadors. 

12:01 – The government invites the Frenchç ais à leave Iran

After Iran's attack carried out last night against Israel, the French Ministry of Affairs & Foreigners recommend, this Sunday, to French nationals residing in Iran to "temporarily leave" the country.

11:50 – Russia calls "à the retained"

After France and the United States, Russia called, this Sunday, "the parties involved in restraint". "We are counting on the States of the region to find a solution to the existing problems, through political and diplomatic means", added" the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, in a press release.

11:01 – For Iran , "the matter can be considered closed"

"Iran's military action was a response to the aggression of the Zionist regime against our diplomatic premises Damascus. The case can be considered closed, the Iranian mission said. the UN in a post message three hours after the start of its operation on X. Iran calls on Israel not to react militarily. this attack. 

10:28 – Hezbollah claims that an Israeli raid targeted one of its positions in eastern Lebanon

This Sunday morning, the day after an unprecedented attack by Iran against Israel, Hezbollah, a pro-Iranian party, claimed that one of its buildings located in in eastern Lebanon had been screw&eac; by an Israeli strike. Since the start of the war In Gaza, there are daily exchanges of fire between the Israeli army and Hezbollah, which claims to support its ally, the Palestinian Islamist movement.

Expressing its « solidarityé with the Israeli people and France's attachment to security from Israel, our partners and stability regional, Emmanuel Macron condemned, in a post on X, the attack launched by Iran against Israel before to call à "restraint". 

"France broughté an important contribution" in the defense of Israel against the attack of Iran, declared the spokesperson for the Israeli army this Sunday morning. "France has very good technology, planes, radars – and I know that they contributed to this. &agrav; “to patrol the airspace,” he added, according to the Reuters agency. Information confirmed by Le Monde. Several Iranian vectors have indeed been attacked. intercepted above French holdings located in Iraq and Jordan.

09 :56 – Reopening of airspace

Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan announced this Sunday morning the reopening of their airspace, which had been closed due to restrictions. since Saturday evening due to the unprecedented air attack launched by Iran against Israel.

< h3 class="app_edito_title_2">09:23 – Emergency meeting of G7 leaders

France, the Kingdom – United, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada will meet in video conference this Sunday, April 14, at the start of ;rsquo;afternoon, « to discuss the Iranian attack on Israelël » the Italian government, in a brief statement. Israel also requested an emergency meeting of the Security Council. security, also planned for this Sunday, at 10 p.m. (Paris time). 

08:29 – The attack confirms a divide between the countries of the Middle East

Iran had not yet fired' on Israelël's history. The operation called "Honest Promise" occurs in response to a strike against his consulate à Damascus in early April, which he attributes to the Jewish state and was supported by its allies in Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and Syria. In the Middle East, Jordan, for its part, brought its direct military and tactical support à Israelël.

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