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Is Apple preparing to shake up the video game industry ;o?

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Until now, to play video games, three options were available to you: using a console, a PC or a smartphone. But this year, Macs could well invite themselves to the party.

Tonight, at 1 a.m., Apple will hold the last keynote of a busy 2023. As is now tradition, Macs should be in the spotlight with, this year, a focus on gaming.

In any case, this is what the media MacRumors predicts.< /em> According to him, the keynote will be an opportunity for Apple to unveil its M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max, new generation of chips from the Apple Silicon era.Engraved in 3 nm like the A17 Pro of the iPhone 15 Pro, it should allow Macs equipped with it to support ray tracing, a technology that makes video games more realistic. p>

Since the advent of Apple Silicon chips, Macs are theoretically capable of running the latest generation video games. But Apple was still suffering from its history with the gaming industry, neglected in favor of productivity.

At a time when the PC market continues to plummet, Apple must open up to new horizons. What if its next growth prospect was in video games, an industry with all records?

Historic partnership?

Still according to MacRumors, Apple is preparing well to enter this coveted market. Offering machines capable of running the best games is one thing, you still need to offer a catalog of interesting products.

Apple would therefore have sealed a partnership with a Japanese video game giant.It is also to align with the Japanese time zone that the American would have organized his keynote at such an unusual time. Among the hypotheses, Sony and Capcom are the companies that come up the most. The first is also holding a launch conference for its PS5 streaming service on the same day as the keynote. Simple coincidence?

Let's also remember that macOS Sonoma, the latest version of the Mac operating system, introduces a new game mode designed to optimize the performance of the chips for gaming. Even if Apple Arcade games are increasingly interesting , a specific mode is far from essential to make them run perfectly.

Finally, Apple has already made a shift towards gaming with the latest iPhone 15 Pro. Thanks to their A17 Pro chip, they are able to run recent AAA games with the famous ray tracing. Major games have already been announced. Among them, Resident Evil Village or even Assassin's Creed Mirage.

The 3 things to remember

  • Apple could finally launch seriously into video games during its keynote on November 1, 2023
  • The company would have sealed a partnership with a video game giant to offer a catalog of games on Mac
  • This hypothesis would be logical, a first step having already been taken with the latest iPhone 15 Pro
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