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Is Season 4 of LOL: Who Laughs, Comes Out Worth Last Year’s Prowess ?

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Last year, season 3 of LOL: who laughs, comes out!broke audience records. How can we forget the masterful performances of Pierre Niney, Leila Bekhti and Laura Felpin ? Prime Video had put all the chances on its side to make spectators die of laughter with an unforgettable cast.

But we must not rest on our laurels. Given the exceptional success of season 3, Prime Video did not wait very long before ordering a fourth season. To help us be patient, the platform has given us a special Halloween All Stars season. She was very nice, but far from being at the level of season 3 of LOL: who laughs, goes out!.

Obviously, we ask ourselves the question: season 4 of LOL: who laughs, comes out!will she be able to make us laugh as much as the previous season ? The casting is enticing, it's true, but not as convincing. While the first 4 episodes of this new season have just been released on Prime Video, what is the verdict ? We give you our opinion.

Funny… But not as memorable

For this new season of LOL : who laughs, comes out !, Prime Video has brought together McFly & Carlito, Marina Foïs, Alison Wheeler, Jean-Pascal Zadi, Jérôme Commandeur, Franck Gastambide, Audrey Lamy, Anaïde Rozam, Alban Ivanov and Redouane Bougheraba. Enough to pique our curiosity…

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The least we can say is that certain candidates are clearly doing well. Without saying too much, Audrey Lamy's joker card is excellent and Jérôme Commandeur's constant offensive is irresistible. Marina Foïs, Alison Wheeler and Alban Ivanov (remarkable singer, by the way!) made us die of laughter on several occasions. But others were much more discreet. That's the whole problem: while season 3 of LOL: who laughs, comes out!had brought together relatively fair candidates, those of this new season are a little more unequal.

Season 4 of LOL : who laughs, comes out ! suffers from less strong chemistry between the candidates. Indeed, the previous season featured a large part of the cast of La Flamme and Flambeau, which inevitably meant even funnier times. Yes, when we know each other, we have chemistry and we know where to hit to hurt (or laugh).

Prime Video wanted to energize this new burst of episodes with interesting new features, but, unfortunately, not sufficiently exploited in our eyes. We could also regret certain valves which echo what we have already seen in past seasons. Tattoos, we understand…

Fortunately, this new season still benefits from some flashes and delivers us some good times. Audrey Lamy's musical performance greatly tickled our zygomatics and the candidates were put to the test during this long and hilarious sequence. If you liked the first seasons of LOL : who laughs, comes out !, this new batch of episodes should seduce you once again.

Although season 4 of LOL : who laughs, comes out ! made us laugh on many occasions, we doubt that most of his passages will become memes and go around social networks as much as the moments offered by last year's candidates. A few sequences stand out, but overall, this new season is very funny but far from being as legendary.

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The first episodes of season 4 of LOL: who laughs, comes out! have been available since this morning, Friday February 16, 2024, on Prime Video. To discover the two final episodes, you will have to wait until next week, Friday February 23, 2024.

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