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Is Tesla preparing its long-awaited revolution for 2025 ? What we know

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According to a Reuters report, Tesla is touring its suppliers with a view to launching a brand new model – a first since the Cybertruck. According to the agency, the manufacturer is targeting the second half of 2025 to begin manufacturing in its Austin, Texas factory.

Known internally under the code name Redwood, this vehicle would be intended to be produced at a sustained rate, 10,000 units per week. This allows us to expect around 520,000 vehicles per year – a figure which, if confirmed, indicates that the manufacturer is positioning its vehicle as one of its best sellers.

Tesla could finally unveil a Tesla at $25,000

However, two elements are creating a lot of expectation around this announcement. First, Tesla's strategy itself, since the manufacturer began by launching its most expensive models before generally offering less and less expensive models. Then because Tesla has been promising for years the launch of a $25,000 car – and that the fruits of this promise are now awaited.

The timing would in any case be perfect: in China, a major market for Tesla, the manufacturer is finding it increasingly difficult to resist competition from BYD. To date, the cheapest Tesla car is the Model 3, with a list price starting at $38,990 excluding state aid. Tesla will therefore probably have to make a lot of compromises, even if we see that in the segment of small compact vehicles, manufacturers like Citroën are already able to deliver this price level.

Many variables remain in play to predict its final price. Tesla has in fact accustomed us to the optimism of Elon Musk, which in many cases leads to delays of several years and a price significantly less attractive than those of the house on plans”. This is the case for example of the Cybertruck, a variant of which was expected to cost around $40,000 – while the pickup is actually available from 60,900 dollars – almost 20,000 additional dollars.

However, we note that in Europe, particularly in France, Tesla is likely to make this vehicle eligible for subsidies. Provided, of course, that the vehicles sold in France are manufactured in the Berlin Gigafactory and that the firm manages to meet the criteria of schemes such as the Ecological Bonus on the supply of spare parts. Which could locally help the manufacturer to meet this ambitious pricing objective.

  • Tesla is targeting 2025 to launch production of & #8217;a new vehicle in its Austin, Texas factory.
  • The volume indicates a model expected to be popular, which feeds the hopes of fans of the brand.
  • Tesla has in fact been promising for years the upcoming arrival of a more accessible car, from $25,000.

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