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Is the creation of a humanitarian port in Gaza possible ?

Under pressure between American support and Israel and public opinion which is moved by the humanitarian crisis plaguing the Palestinian enclave, Joe Biden announced Thursday evening the creation of a "temporary port on the coast of Gaza".

"Tonight, the President will announce in his State of the Union address that he has given order & US Army to lead an emergency mission to establish a port at Gaza,” a senior official warned on Thursday March 7. Five months to the day after the Hamas attack in Israel on October 7, 2023, which sparked the war between the ;#39;ÉHebrew state and the Palestinian movement, for lack of being able to reason with their allyé always, the United States has announced Thursday, through the voice of their president, Joe Biden, the creation of a “temporary port on the shores of Gaza”. The objective: to finally achieve this goal. deliver the humanitarian aid that is currently arriving in trickles into the Palestinian enclave.

Bombed by the Israeli army, many Gazans were disappointed. to resolve & move to the south of the enclave where they are now crowded together in deplorable humanitarian conditions. Infrastructure, care, food… Everything is lacking, while the bombs continue to rain. In this dramatic context, humanitarian aid convoys intended for civilians are regularly attacked or hijacked by Israelis for whom only the annihilation of Hamas now matters. The food drop went well. attempted, but the quantities delivered remain far too low while famine looms. 

The latest talks did not lead to a solution. the ceasefire agreement hoped for by Washington before the start of the month of Ramadan, Hamas having left Thursday the negotiation table. So, stucké between the unconditional support of the United States for Israel and public opinion which is moved by the situation of the Gazans, Joe Biden took advantage of the situation. of his speech to Congress on the State of the Union to open an emergency exit, announcing neither more nor less the construction of a port. Concretely, it is an artificial port, built as a kit and assembled by hand. directly at sea, which must be set up and transported near the coast of the Palestinian enclave.

A workable solution, but…hellip;

According to Joe Biden, the structure must be able to "accommodate large ships carrying food, water, medicine and temporary shelter". While humanitarian aid will be transported from Cyprus by boat, as relayed by Franceinfo, hundreds of trucks will then be able to supply the entire enclave, it is promised. This stratagem would thus make it possible to deliver large quantities quickly without any ground deployment of American troops, insisted Joe Biden.

However, one question remains: how long will it take to set up such a building ? L'Express refers to several weeks, while franceinfo speaks of at least a month. A time that unfortunately not all starving Gazans have. Hamas has in fact reportedé in recent days the death of at least 20 civilians across the country cause dehydration or malnutrition. Likewise, underlines the New York Times, this solution will not solve all the problems since trucks, even Even if they are full, they will not necessarily be able to make deliveries due to the intensity of the workload. bombings. Finally, this humanitarian aid will always be subject to restrictions. Israeli control, said Israel's spokesperson on slow down the pace of deliveries, emphasizes for its part; franceinfo.

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