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Is there water in the gas(ole) at Leclerc ? So yes, but no...

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You couldn't have missed it, the price of fuel is soaring, and flirting ever more dangerously with €2/L. An aspect which weighs more and more on the budget of French motorists. So much so that the car has become a real financial pit for a majority of French people, since 65% of them spend more than 100 euros per month, just on it.

Water in the fuels distributed at Leclerc ?

For a few days, near Leclerc , which has more than 700 service stations in France, we are facing a lively controversy. “Meeting current European standards, all fuels sold at E.Leclerc are reliable and efficient” announces the group on its website. However, it is a dark matter of water in the fuel that the French distributor must face.

Is there water in the gas(ole) at Leclerc ? So yes, but no...

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Indeed, various motorists have indicated having experienced problems with their car, after having done the full of fuel at Leclerc. The latter mention the lighting of certain engine lights, when others have seen their vehicle lose power, or even refuse to start…

Some mechanics have reported the presence of drops of water in the fuel. The information quickly spread on social networks, even making the front page of certain newspapers and certain broadcasts, but Michel-Edouard Leclerc quickly wanted to put out the emerging fire.

According to the CEO of the Leclerc group, complaints are significantly fewer than Facebook publications might suggest. Michel-Edouard Leclerc indicates that he has identified 25 customer complaints, filed with the Ste Eulalie service station, which allows 3,000 customers to fill up every day.

The latter indicates that he wants to carry out various internal investigations, while recalling that the fuel distributed in Leclerc stations is strictly identical to that of other service stations. The fuel actually comes from the same unmarked depot, which could have experienced a malfunction.

For l’ moment, there is no trace of water. And then, I'm not going to react and refund, especially if it's just a television channel that indicates, from Facebook, send your files to Leclerc” declared Michel-Edouard Leclerc at the microphone of France Info.

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