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Israel-Hamas war: soon a truce ?

New negotiations for a truce in the Gaza Strip are taking place this Sunday, March 3 in Cairo. The Hamas delegation must give an official response to the proposal drawn up by the mediating countries at the end of January.

As Ramadan approaches, which will begin on Sunday March 10, negotiations for a truce in the fighting in the Gaza Strip resumed this Sunday March 3. March in Cairo. A Hamas delegation arrived in Egypt on Saturday March 2 to give an "official response" &agrav; a proposed truce plan drawn up by Qatar, the United States and Egypt, which have positioned themselves as mediators since the beginning of the war. purpose of the conflict, reports TF1 Info.

A truce agreement on the table

The agreement was reached "more or less acceptedé" by Israel, declaredé a manager &agrav; Washington. “The ball is in Hamas' court,” he continued on Saturday. “If Israel agrees to Hamas's demands, which include the return of displaced Palestinians to northern Gaza and an increase in humanitarian aid, it could pave the way à “an agreement within the next twenty-four or forty-eight hours,” he said. a senior figure in the Palestinian Islamist movement. 
After five months, the war has left more than 30,000 dead in the Gaza Strip, including 90 in the last twenty-four hours, the majority of them dead. civilians, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health Palestinian published this Sunday March 3. The survivors are threatened with starvation. On Saturday March 2, the United States dropped sixty-six first humanitarian aid packages, containing more than 38,000 meals, in a joint operation with Jordan, relays the site.


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