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Israel-Hamas war: will the humanitarian aid boat be able to dock in Gaza ?

While the UN fears widespread famine in the Gaza Strip, the first humanitarian aid boat is very close to the coast. Unloading is scheduled for this Friday, March 15.

Very close to Gaza. The Spanish boat Open Arms carrying 200 tonnes of humanitarian aid intended for the Gaza Strip was destroyed. sighted, this Friday morning, off the coast of Gaza City as indicated by an AFP journalist present on site. According to Vessel Finder, the boat would be located at less than 5 kilometers from the coast.

Among the 200 tons of food aid being collected and being transported to Gaza aboard the boat that left Cyprus two days earlier, we found rice, vegetables, sources of protein, canned goods… A large A range of food supplies to meet the needs of civilians in the midst of armed conflict. The contribution is already there. colossal and our team has an additional 500 tonnes of aid available. Cyprus, ready to join &be loaded onto future boats" has already warned Jos&eac; Andr&eac;s, the star chefé &agrav; at the head of the operation with the NGO World Central Kitchen (WCK) of which he is the founder.

A landing by the new jet

In fact, the entry of humanitarian aid into the country is difficult. Gaza is a real headache. Voilaà why, the WCK works tirelessly & the construction of a jetty to unload the aid before loading it onto trucks which will deliver the food. This pier is the only hope of receiving aid from the sea. Delivery of aid will be “carried out in coordination with the authorities”. s civil and security Israeli authorities, in accordance with Israeli government guidelines and regulations. the request of the American government" indicates Tsahal in The Times of Israël.

The boat's arrival time and disembarkation time have not yet been confirmed. communicated by the NGOs and those responsible for the operation, nor by the Israeli authorities. However, it is expected this Friday, March 15, 2024. Some Gazans are already there. gathered on the coast and waited for the boat. "An Israeli ship will tow the aid to the airport. a temporary pier built in the center of the Gaza Strip. On the coast, the IDF will secure the distribution of humanitarian aid throughout the country. a certain distance from the air and sea, in the same way that it will secure ground convoys" can we also read in the columns of the Hebrew online daily. 

"We need to open this corridor with a continuous flow of boats"

"We hope to unload the aid as soon as it is possible to dock, but many factors play into this complicated operation" explained this Thursday, Erin Gore, general director of WCK. This is what it is all about. of the first sea route opened towards the Palestinian enclave since the start of the war, on October 7. "We know this is not enough. This is why we must open this corridor with a continuous flow of boats. continues Erin Gore in the columns of TV5 Monde. This humanitarian aid by boat is vital, while the UN fears widespread famine in the Gaza Strip, particularly in the North. The territory has no less than 2.4 million inhabitants. For the moment, aid by land arriving mainly from Egypt remains very insufficient.

Teilor Stone

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