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Israel: thousands of Israelis in the streets call on Benjamin Netanyahu to accept the truce agreement proposed by Joe Biden

Thousands of Israelis demonstrated on Saturday, June 1, in the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to demand peace and security. Benjamin Netanyahu to accept proposed ceasefire deal by Joe Biden. Several far-right ministers are threatening to leave the government in the event that the Prime Minister accepts the agreement.

Israelis in the street. Following the statements of American President Joe Biden, who presented from the White House the plan for a truce agreement between the Jewish state and Hamas, thousands of Israelis links took to the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Saturday June 1, reports Le Parisien. All are demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accept the current agreement. by the American president for the release of the last hostages, still being held at home. Gaza since their abduction on October 7, 2023.

Disguise as a Statue of Liberty or carrying banners reading "Biden, save them from Netanyahu", the demonstrators fear seeing the Israeli leader, who according to them cares "more about his power, endanger the ceasefire agreement with Hamas. In a press release; published Friday May 31, the Palestinian Islamist movement was judged to be of "positive", the new roadmap presented by Joe Biden, & the only condition is that Israel stops its bombing of Gaza.

Several ministers threaten to resign

While 252 people wereé kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 after the terrorist attack carried out by the Palestinian Islamist movement, 121 are still being held in custody. Gaza. Among them, 37 are believed to have died, it was estimated. the Israeli army. In a press release, the Forum of Families of Hostages and Missing Persons indicated: that it was necessary to "demand" on the part of the Israeli government that the latter "immediately approve the agreement to release the hostages", in order to bring them back & quot;à home immediately.

At the same time, Benjamin Netanyahu must face à pressure from far-right Israeli ministers. The latter in fact threatened, Saturday June 1, to leave the government in the event that the Prime Minister would go in the direction of agreeing a ceasefire Gaza.

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