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Israeli-Canadian businessman murdered in Egypt

Photo: Mostafa Hassan Associated Press An ambulance drives on a street in Alexandria, Egypt, October 8, 2023.

France Media Agency in Cairo

Published at 9:27 a.m.

  • Middle East

Egyptian authorities are investigating the death of an Israeli-Canadian businessman killed in the coastal city of Alexandria, the Interior Ministry said Wednesday.

“Permanent resident of the country” he was shot dead on Tuesday, Egyptian police said in a statement.

The victim is a businessman with dual nationality Canadian and Israeli, for its part indicated the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a press release.

“He had a business in Egypt. The Israeli embassy in Cairo is in contact with the Egyptian authorities, who are investigating the circumstances of the case,” the ministry assured.

The cases of this type are rare in Egypt, but are not without precedent.

On October 8, the day after the Hamas attack on Israeli soil that sparked a deadly war between the Palestinian Islamist movement and Israel in the Gaza Strip, an Egyptian police officer shot dead two Israeli tourists and an Egyptian guide.

After their deaths, Israeli authorities advised their nationals in Egypt to leave the country.

Egypt was the first Arab country to conclude a peace agreement with Israel in 1979. It often plays a mediating role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including the current war.

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