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James Smith attacks: killer 'indifferent to his own death' | Knife attacks in Saskatchewan

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Myles Sanderson was stopped on Highway 11 near the village of Rosthern, September 7, 2022. (File photo)

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Myles Sanderson, the perpetrator of the September 4, 2022 attacks in Saskatchewan, was “indifferent to his own death”, judges Matt Logan, criminal investigative psychologist, as the coroner's inquest into the arrest and death of the killer is coming to an end.

On September 4, 2022, Myles Sanderson stabbed 11 people, including his brother, Damien Sanderson , and injured 17 others in the James Smith Cree Nation and the neighboring village of Weldon, Saskatchewan. This is the worst stabbing attack in Canadian history.

What followed was a three-day manhunt until, on September 7, law enforcement spotted the stolen car in which Myles was traveling. Sanderson near the village of Rosthern, 66 km northeast of Saskatoon.

Shortly after his arrest, the fugitive found himself in a state of respiratory distress. Paramedics were called to the scene to take him to a Saskatoon hospital, where he was eventually pronounced dead.

As a result of this indifference, Mr. Logan does not believe that Myles Sanderson had the desire to commit suicide, even if' he ultimately died of a cocaine overdose.

The criminal investigation psychologist argues that if the fugitive had wanted to kill himself intentionally, he could have done so before the police arrested him.

He gives the example of the car chase between Myles Sanderson and the police while he was driving at more than 140 km/h on Highway 11 in the opposite direction of traffic. The fugitive could then easily have directed his van towards another vehicle.

Knife attacks in Saskatchewan

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Knife attacks in Saskatchewan

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Matt Logan believes that Myles Sanderson wanted to complete his mission.

The latter, explains the psychologist, would probably have been to go to Saskatoon to kill his partner, Vanessa Burns.

Matt Logan also maintains that the cocaine overdose that ultimately killed Myles Sanderson was accidental, despite the enormous quantity of the drug ingested (more than 10 times the fatal dose).

The expert does not believe that the fugitive's intention was to kill himself, even though it is obvious that Myles Sanderson caused his own death.

The psychologist recognizes, however, that the fugitive's state of mind may have changed at the time of his arrest.

The psychological analysis carried out by Matt Logan was done after the death of Myles Sanderson. The psychologist's conclusions, although based on his expertise, are therefore only assumptions.

Matt Logan was the thirteenth and final witness to take the stand during this coroner's inquest.

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The coroner's inquest began on February 26 at the Saskatoon Inn in the City of Bridges.

The six jurors, selected at random from a pool of citizens, now begin their deliberations.

They must establish the time, place and cause of death of Myles Sanderson. In particular, they will have to determine whether the latter died by accident or by suicide.

The jurors can also offer recommendations in order to prevent a repeat of a similar death.

According to the Coroners Act, a investigation must be carried out when a person dies while in custody, unless the chief coroner finds that the person in question died naturally and that the death was inevitable.

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