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Job interview: saying this fateful sentence can be a game changer

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This is an exercise feared by many candidates. To get a job, the job interview is often a necessary step. During this fateful moment, tiny details can make the difference. In an article from CNBC, Erin McGoff, career expert, came back to an important phrase that you could say to stand out.

Differentiate yourself from other candidates

Here it is: “What makes me&# 8217;enthusiasm in this work is…” On the surface, there is nothing extraordinary in saying these words. The analyst, however, affirms that this expression makes it possible to make your interlocutor understand that you are not in a desperate situation.

You will therefore be ready to accomplish your mission because it interests you, and not just to fill your shopping cart or pay your rent (even if it is true that these are also perfectly legitimate reasons).

Erin McGoff also states that using this phrase shows that you want to integrate perfectly into the work group, and will make an impression. Likewise, using these words suggests that you have thought about your goals and you know what is expected of you. This reflection is a real plus compared to a poorly prepared candidate.

Of course, nothing indicates that this method will work every time. An interview remains a human relationship, by nature random, and in this regard, there are unfortunately no guarantees.

The coffee machine test

In any case, there are certain elements to know to put all the chances on your side. Recently, we talked to you about the coffee cup test which is all the rage among recruiters. Concretely, your interlocutor offers you a drink and then carefully observes your attitude.

The idea is to analyze your behavior towards cleanliness and responsibility. According to supporters of this method, if a candidate does not ask where he can put or wash his cup, it is a problem. Conversely, this demonstrates respect for one's work environment which weighs in favor of the latter.

In other cases, the recruiter may pose as the receptionist to see if the future recruit behaves properly with someone he may consider a subordinate. You can always reread this article which lists some HRD techniques here.

What to remember:

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  • Saying the sentence “what excites me about this work is…” is a good point
  • This demonstrates the candidate's interest in his mission
  • News techniques attempt to test the behavior of a job seeker
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