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Jolin-Barrette “extremely proud” of the IVAC reform

Photo: Jacques Boissinot Archives The Canadian Press The Minister of Justice, Simon Jolin-Barrette, in 2020, during the announcement of his project to reform the compensation system for victims of criminal acts, the IVAC

The Minister of Justice, Simon Jolin-Barrette, said Monday that he had no intention of reviewing the Quebec assistance system for victims of criminal acts, some of whom will have to turn to solidarity social security or social assistance once their compensation has been paid.

“I can tell you, I am extremely proud of the reform that we have made,” declared Mr. Jolin-Barrette, on the sidelines of an announcement on the reduction of delays in the justice system. “We are not reopening the law,” he also ruled.

Last week, Le Devoir reported a shock wave among people benefiting from the compensation scheme for victims of acts criminals, the IVAC. These victims are receiving a letter these days reminding them that their benefits will stop in October. This time limitation was introduced in a reform led by Minister Jolin-Barrette in 2021.

After two or three years of benefits, depending on the case, victims who are still unable to return to work will obtain financial compensation rather than continuing to be compensated, as was the case before the reform. They will then have to turn to social solidarity or social assistance measures, acknowledged Prime Minister François Legault. Oppositions have called for the law to be reopened for modification.

Minister Jolin-Barrette refused to consider a new reform. “Today, there are 200 million more in compensation. We went from 120 million to 320 million annually, so I can tell you that we are extremely proud of the reform we have made because the number of victims [compensated] has been doubled,” he underlined. .

The elected official recalled that his bill had broadened the notion of victim, to include the entourage of a person targeted by a criminal act, for example. His reform also abolished the statute of limitations on sexual assault and domestic violence, he recalled.

“We have been talking about the reform of the IVAC for more than 30 years. In the news, there were often victims who were not compensated,” he illustrated. Mr. Jolin-Barrette also affirmed that victims registered under the old regime (before the reform came into force in 2021) would remain on it. “People who benefited from the old regime continue on this regime,” he assured. “Life annuities for people who were on the old plan, life annuities will follow. »

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