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Keep a close eye on this new label arriving in supermarkets, it will save you from a scam

A stop ministerial plan plans to From July 1st the arrival of new labels for products in supermarkets. It contains valuable information.

With inflation, several new methods are being used by supermarkets that can deceive customers. For several months, the words "shrinkflation" or "cheapflation" have arrived in the news, describing very dark realities for consumers: the first in particular consists of ;to reduce the amount of food of a product without changing its price, or even increasing it, whereas the second rather reduces the quality. These practices however, remain legal. 

Bruno Le Maire wants to put an end to this this type of practice, which he did not hesitate to &agrav; qualify as 'scams", and is especially due to better inform consumers. With Olivia Grégoire, Minister Delegate in charge of Consumption, the Minister of the Economy unveiled a stop ministerial which will make consumer information compulsory in the event of shrinkflation. They noticed that that "the increase in the price reportedé &agrav; the quantity may be difficult to perceive by the consumer at the time of purchase, as specified in this document. stopped.

That's why à From July 1, 2024, consumers will need to be informed of changes in consumer products that have undergone a “change in weight or volume” the decline leading to an increase in price à the unit's of measurement". "From July 1, it will therefore be mandatory to indicate when a food product changes size or weight. The indication must in particular specify the evolution of the price in relation to the price. by weight, so that the consumer knows the true éevolution of the price", summarizedé the Minister of the Economy.  

Keep a close eye on this new label arriving in supermarkets, it will save you from a scam

What form will this indication take?? According to Olivia Grégoire, it will be a 'poster affixed à proximity of the product". It will be mandatory for the two months following the marketing date. Questioned by Ouest-France, the minister gave: an example of wording: "it will be written: for this product, the quantity sold went from X to Y and its price per kilo, gram or liter has increased; of X% or report it on the application or the government site SignalConso.

All industrial food and non-food products, such as laundry detergent for example, are concerned. However, prepackaged foods of which the quantity is limited may vary, such as those taken from the caterer, are exempt, as are purchases made in bulk (fruits and vegetables). According to Sophie Coisne, 60 million consumers, who spoke on RMC Conso, shrinkflation affects 2% of products sold in supermarkets . BFMTV had listed&eac; 150 products affected last September: this includes snacks, toilet paper, drinks and baby diapers.

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