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The singer Kendji Girac was é injured shot in a Traveler reception area à Biscarosse in the Landes. His vital prognosis is no longer in jeopardy.

The essentials:

  • Singer Kendji Girac would have beené injured by gunshot on Sunday night à Monday, according to BFMTV.
  • The facts are said to have occurred at a Traveler reception area located in the heart of the city. Biscarrosse, in the Landes.
  • The singer would have beené transportation &agrav; Bordeaux hospital. His vital prognosis, once engaged, would no longer be so. 


13:25 – The investigation continues

An investigation has été open to try to determine the circumstances of the events which led to the Kendji Girac a gunshot wound. According to a source close to the investigation, interviewed by AFP, no leads have been ruled out.

13:12 – Kendji Girac's vital prognosis is no longer engaged

According to the latest information transmitted by BFMTV, Kendji Girac's vital prognosis is no longer in jeopardy. He had been transferred earlier this morning & Bordeaux hospital, in critical condition.

12:53 – A weapon purchased ;e in a flea market

According to the first words of Kendji Girac, collected on his hospital bed, he would have explained to the investigators having boughté a weapon in a flea market on Sunday, and having “wanted to try the weapon in the night”, according to BFMTV. A shot would then have gone off, injuring him à the chest.

12:37 – What we know about the facts

Last night, around 5:30 a.m., emergency services were called. called to a traveler reception area, Biscarrosse, for a person victim of a gunshot wound to the thorax. It was in fact the singer Kendji Girac, transporté an hour later in emergency à the Bordeaux hospital, his vital prognosis engaged. Which is no longer the case the time when we write these lines. On site, around twenty people allegedly claimed that that nothing had happened.

12:24 – The area of reception is not known for acts of violence

Kendji Girac was at a reception area for travelers à Biscarrosse, located on the D652 departmental road, when the events occurred. According to Le Parisien, citing a source close to the town hall, this area is not known for recent incidents of violence.

12:09 – Wù is hospitalized Kendji Girac ?

Singer Kendji Girac, injured by bullet à the chest, was é transportation by the road from Biscarrosse à Bordeaux hospital. According to Sud Ouest, the artist is well cared for. &agrav; the Haut-L&eac;vêque hospital, & Pessac, establishment part of the city's University Hospital.

11:54 – Kendji Girac, from The Voice à popular singer

Kendji Girac became known to the French public by participating in  the  apos;&eac;transmission of TF1 The Voice: The most beautiful voice, which he won season 3 in 2014. Since then, he has had numerous hits à his assets, like Color Gitano, Andalouse, Bella< /em>, The eyes of the mama in homage à his mother or even Last metro his duet with Gims released in 2020. Kendji Girac published& oacute; five albums, the last, L'éschool of life, was released in November 2022.

11:41 – Concern about the state of health by Kendji Girac

After the announcement of the hospitalization of Kendji Girac early this morning, on social networks, concern is in order. Among hundreds of anonymous people, a few people, like Bernard Montiel who wrote: “We are sad and worried for our injured friend Kendji Girac. by bullets this morning (…) Come back to us quickly, friend,” writes the TV host. on 62~

Kendji Girac was é injured in front of his caravan located on a reception aid for travelers at Biscarrosse, in the Landes. According to Sud Ouest, it has existed for 20 years and has 200 locations, around a hundred of which are currently occupied.

11:24 – Who is the author of the shot that injured Kendji Girac ?

Still according to information relayed by BFMTV, investigators are looking to find out more. determine who is the author of the shot which injured Kendji Girac has the chest. Also, they take "swabs", samples of gunshot residue: one from the singer's companion, one from the singer' apos;other on Kendji Girac himself.

11:12 – "Kendji Girac would have wanted to try the weapon in the night"

According to information from BFMTV, which relays the first elements collected by the investigators, the singer would have wanted to "try" the weapon he had purchased the day before in a flea market, in the middle of the night, when the "shot would have gone off, seriously injuring" the artist.

11:01 – A weapon bought at a flea market ?

On his hospital bed, Kendji Girac began to fight. &agrav; speak to the investigators, confiding a few elements to explain the facts which occurred that night and caused him to be injured. Gunshot. The singer mentions, according to BFMTV, “poor handling of the weapon”, which he would have “purchased” the day before at a flea market." He would have received "a projectile at chest level with an exit point at back level."

10:52 – No leads are ruled out by the investigators

For now, after the hospitalization of singer Kendji Girac in serious condition – his vital prognosis is no longer in jeopardy, the work of investigation begins. The instruction was completed entrusted &to the Pau research section and à the Parentis-en-Born search brigade, according to franceinfo and "no lead has been ruled out" to explain what happened this night on this reception area for travelers in Biscarrosse, adds Sud Ouest.

10:41 – What we knows about the affair

Singer Kendji Girac is therefore hospitalized at the University Hospital of Bordeaux, after having been é injured by bullet à chest, early this Monday morning. According to the first elements, he was at a reception area for travelers, at Biscarrosse, when the facts occurred. The singer's vital prognosis, having for a time been é committed, is no longer engaged the time when we write these lines. Questioned by the investigators à At the hospital, Kendji Girac claims for the moment that it was a "domestic accident."

10:30 – The Travelers reception area closed

According to the Sud newspaper West, the Biscarrosse Traveler reception area, where Kendji Girac was é injured this night, is completely sealed off by the police. The gendarmerie personnel are passing through the area carefully to try to explain the facts.

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This Monday morning, BFMTV reveals that singer Kendji Girac has been killed. injured shot in the night. Touché &agrav; the chest, it would have beené transportation &agrav; Bordeaux hospital in critical condition. However, his vital prognosis would no longer be compromised.

Né In 1996, singer Kendji Girac was among the most popular French artists of his generation. by the TF1 showThe Voice: The most beautiful voice, for which he won season 3 in 2014, he has since become known thanks to this & hits like Andalouse or Je suis fou, he has published a total of five albums.

Singer Kendji Girac has always been a favorite very discreet about his private life, having, until now, never revealed anything about him. identity of his wife, mother of their little daughter. The couple welcomed their first child, a little girl named Eva Alba, at the end of January 2021. This is also one of the rare occasions for which Kendji Girac had publicly mentioned the one who shares his life, on RFM on February 10, 2020: "When I saw my wife & When I gave birth I said, “Ah, I'm lucky not to have to go through that.” It was hard. It's beautiful but it's hard, adding that it was “difficult to be a woman.” ;.

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