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Kendji Girac: “something tragic”, a representative of the gypsies speaks

The singer Kendji Girac, from the communityé gypsy, was é found injured by bullet à chest on a traveler reception area in Biscarrosse, Monday morning.

The circumstances of the affair still remain a mystery: the singer Kendji Girac was murdered. injured shot last night in a Traveler reception area, then transported &agrav; Bordeaux hospital, with a "serious wound" &agrav; the chest, according to the first elements of the investigation detailed by the AFP. His vital prognosis was then in jeopardy, but the singer now seems out of danger. Since the revelation of the affair, this Monday, April 22 in the morning, there were numerous reactions on social networks and in the media.

Questioned on BFMTV, Payou Baptiste, president of the communityé gypsy from the south, reacted in particular to the reassuring news on the state of health of by Kendji Girac, from the Bordeaux hospital. "We are delighted that he is out of danger", he said. -he declared, before recalling the importance of the 27-year-old artist for the community. gypsy, in which he grew up and still lives today: Kendji Girac, it's still the sun. It&# 39;is someone who brings us the joy of life, who brings us enormously compared to others. everything that happens in the community world gypsy. Kendji is an adorable person who fights every day for our community. This is why we are very sad about what has just happened to him.

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The one who became known in 2014 by winning the third season of The Voice, on TF1, has always expressed his pride to belong to the community gypsy, which he highlights on stage and in his songs. What contributed to this? &agrav; its great popularity In France. "It's something tragic because unfortunately he is going to step away from the stage for a while. We will miss him immensely, recognizes Payou Baptiste. nameène […]. He was someone who was close to us. He is always available, he is always there. to help us. A boy like ça ça no longer exists, he's honey Kendji Girac. He needs to come back quickly because there are lots of people crying at home in the community. for what just happened."

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