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Kings World Cup: everything you need to know about the streamers' football world cup in 4 questions

© Kings League

Because there's more than just the GP Explorer in life, it's another major sporting event which will soon take place, with a broadcast planned online. No motor sport here, but an event dedicated to football, just a few weeks before the opening of EURO 2024. However, it is a football tournament a little special, with network stars, but also renowned footballers.

What is the Kings World Cup?

The Kings World Cup is an international football tournament, imagined by Gerard Piqué. A tournament which will include no less than 32 teams from 22 different countries. No 11v11 here, since each team will have a total of 7 players.

Kings World Cup: everything you need to know about the streamers' football world cup in 4 questions

© Kings League

In total, ten teams are selected by the Kings League, ten others by the Americas’ Kings League, without forgetting twelve invited teams. The matches will consist of two halves of 20 minutes each, and each team is entitled to unlimited substitutions. Like certain video games, it will be possible to activate “bonus“, for benefit, for example, from a goal that counts double or from a penalty, taken by the president of the team.

Similarly, in the Kings World Cup, a yellow card is equivalent to 2 minutes of exclusion, compared to 5 minutes for a red card. Rules somewhat revisited therefore, for maximum spectacle and unforeseen events.

Who is the Kings World Cup?

At the helm of the Kings World Cup, we find the footballer Gerard Piqué, with a certain Zlatan Ibrahimovic as president. France will be represented by the Foot2Rue team, led by AmineMaTué. Among the “wild cards” of the French team, we find Samir Nasri and Jérémy Ménez. Note that Adil Rami was also retained in the team, but deadline issues (and certain complaints from opposing teams) did not allow the player to take part in the competition.

Recall that this same AmineMaTue had notably organized and broadcast the Eleven All Stars match (France/Spain) on Twitch, accumulating more than 1.2 million viewers.

On the competition side, among the Kings League teams, we find 1K FC with Iker Casillas, Kunisports, with Sergio Aguero, but also Deptostra FC with Eden Hazard, UA Steel with Andriy Shevchenko or even Stallions, with Roman legend Francesco Totti. Very beautiful people then.

Kings League
– (Spain) 1K FC – Iker Casillas
– (Colombia) Aniquiladores FC – Juan Guarnizo
– (Spain) Jijantes FC – Gerard Romero
– (Argentina) Kunisports – Sergio Agüero
– (Spain) Los Troncos FC – Jaume Cremades (Perxitaa)
– (Spain) Porcinos FC – Ibai Llanos
– (Spain) Saiyans FC – David Cánovas (TheGrefg)
– (Spain) Ultimate Móstoles – Mario Alonso (DjMaRiiO)
– (Mexico) PIO FC – Samantha Rivera (Rivers)
– (Spain) xBuyer Team – Javier (xBuyer) and Eric Ruiz (MiniBuyer)

Americas King’s League
– (Dominican Republic) Galácticos del Caribe – Dominican Republic Vincent Pérez and Angelo Valdés (Los Futbolitos) and Santiago Matías (Alofoke)
– (Argentina) Muchachos FC – Jero Freixas
– (Mexico) Olimpo United – Javier Hernández (Chicharito)
– (Mexico) Caligari – Álex (Escorpión Dorado) and Gabriel Montiel (Werevertumorro)
– (Peru) Persas FC – Andy Merino (ElZeein)
– (Uruguay) Raniza FC – Diego Balsa (BarcaGamer) and Mexico Alana Flores (AlanaLaRana)
– (Chile) Real Titán – German Garmendia
– (Colombia) West Santos FC – Luis Villa (WestCol) and Puerto Rico Austin Santos (Arcángel)
– (Mexico) Club de Cuervos – Mercedes Roa
– (United States) Los Aliens 1021 – Edwin Castro (Castro)

– (Belgium) Deptostra FC – Céline Dept and Eden Hazard
– (England) FIVE FC – Rio Ferdinand and Jeremy Lynch
– (France) Foot2Rue – AmineMaTue
– (Brazil) Furia FC – Allan Rodrigues (O Estagiário), Alessandro Rosa Vieira (Falcão) and Neymar da Silva
– (Brazil) G3X FC – Alexandre Borba Chiqueta (Gaul)
– (Türkiye) Limon FC – Tuğkan Gönültaş (Elraenn)
– (Colombia) Medallo City – Juan Luis Londoño (Maluma)
– (Japan) Murash FC – Junichi Kato
– (Italy) Stallions – Gianmarco Tocco (Tumblurr) and Francesco Totti
– (Saudi Arabia) SXB FC – Ahmed Alqahtani (SHoNgxBoNg) and Yasser Al-Qahtani
– (Ukraine) UA Steel – Mykhailo Lebiha (Leb1ga) and Andriy Shevchenko
– (Germany) Youniors FC – Younes Zarou and Mario Götze

The Kings World Cup, where does it look ?

If the Kings World Cup takes place in Mexico, we can obviously watch it remotely, thanks to the magic of the Internet.

The M6+ platform will be responsible for broadcasting the competition, which will also be broadcast via Twitch, and in particular the AmineMaTue channel. You can also follow the different matches on the Kings League Twitch channel.

When is the Kings World Cup?

The Kings World Cup begins today, May 26, with a final scheduled for June 8. The France Foot2Rue team faces PIO FC, this Monday, May 27 at 10 p.m., for their entry into the competition.

Kings World Cup: everything you need to know about the streamers' football world cup in 4 questions

© Kings League

On June 4 and 5, the 8 matches of the round of 16 will take place. On June 6, the quarter-finals will be played. Finally, on June 8, viewers will be able to watch the two semi-finals, as well as the highly anticipated final of this Kings World Cup tournament. Who will be crowned champion ? Answer on June 8.

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