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Knife attack in Paris: what we know about the events

This Saturday, February 3, a man with a knife attacked someone with a knife. several people à the train station in Lyon. Placed on guard &agrav; view, the presumed authoré of the attack presents psychiatric disorders. An investigation was carried out into the matter. open for attempted murder.

Several people were attacked. injured by a man with a knife, this Saturday, February 3, at the Gare de Lyon. The alleged perpetrator of the attack is said to have set fire to the building. his bag &agrav; back before trying to attack him. a woman who was moving away from him. Then, he allegedly took out a knife, hit her. an older man &agrav; the abdomen and the head with a hammer. The seriously injured victim has his life threatening. and is currently in the operating room, explains Le Figaro. A second man then allegedly tackled him. the assailant was on the ground before being joined by three other people who intervened to help him. neutralize it. Two of these people were arrested. slightly injured. 

Quickly, the railway brigade of the national police arrested Kossogue S., a 32-year-old man of Malian origin with valid identity papers. Italian, explains Le Figaro before adding that it is described by a police source as "having a homeless profile",  who did not show signs of religiosity and that he was found in possession of medication for psychiatric pathologies. An investigation into attempted assassination was carried out. open and entrusted to the Paris judicial police, reports Le Monde. The National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor's Office clarified that êbe under observation. Placed on guard &agrav; In view, the man should be subject to a psychiatric examination. was é opened for attempted assassination, indicates the daily newspapers. Investigators are carrying out an investigation. interviews witnesses present at the scene of the attack and analyzes video surveillance and records them. telephone service.

The attack caused disruptions to train traffic and public transport passing through the Gare de Lyon this Saturday morning, according to ;egrave;s Le Figaro. But from now on, if hall 3 is still closed to travelers, kept by a large military and police force, in the rest of the station, the situation returned to normal. the "normal" and trains are displayed nearby. time. 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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