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Knife attack made 5 victims in a school in Spain, the attacker is 14 years old

A 14-year-old student attacked à stabbed three teachers and two of his classmates in a school in Cadiz, Spain. The teenager was arrested. questioned, but did not explain what he was saying. His gesture.

Three teachers and two students stabbed. The scene took place in a Spanish high school in Jerez de la Frontera, near the city of Cádiz, in Andalusia. A 14-year-old student, attending the Secondary Education Institute (IES) Elena García Armada, suspected of being the author of the violence was arrested by the police, but has still not spoken out. on aggression.

It's around 8:25 a.m., and class hasn't started yet. only for a few minutes, when the student stopped comes out "knives" from his bag according to the Spanish press agency EFE. He would have first threatened a student near him from behind shouting "I'm going to kill you" before targeting everyone present and injuring his biology teacher in the eye, according to El Pais. The attacker also allegedly attacked the students and the teacher of the class opposite his. The report shows five injured: three teachers and two students. The teacher affected by this He was the most seriously injured, she was killed. hospitalized and must undergo surgery, while the other four victims were treated. treated by emergency services in different medical centers for more or less serious injuries. According to the story of a student present during the attack in the local newspaper, one of his classmates was attacked. touched à the forearm and one of the teachers at received a "blow" head.

Student "very angry" and mocked

The 14-year-old was able to control the attack. by teachers and has been taught arrested by the police on the third floor of the school. He has since been placed on guard sight, but did not explain his gesture in front of the investigators. It must be presented to the juvenile prosecutor's office and his age must be verified. because he does not incur the same sanctions, nor the same penalties if he is more or less than 14 years old, RTVE informed.

The EFE indicates that the student was "very angry" and installed at the back of the class when he took two knives out of his bag, kitchen knives according to the details of El Pais. The suspect is however not known to have violent or problematic behavior, he is only described as “often alone”. A teenager in school The official of the establishment presented the attacker as a “very diligent” student. and "smart" but suffering constant mockery from his classmates. The Ministry of Education of the Government of Andalusia has however indicated that there were no reports of cases of harassment in the high school where the attack took place, according to Europa Press: “There was previously no problem of lack of coexistence, of conflict, nothing, absolutely nothing.”

If the #39;student was master's degree and that the aggression did not last until In just a few minutes, the entire school was destroyed. evacuated and the students were trained. delivered to their parents. The courses were suspended for the rest of the day. The police must search the entire property. of the building.

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