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Knife threat in Dijon: the teenager placed in police custody, a medical-psychological unit set up

After getting caught up in the attack, the principal of her college by threatening her with a knife, a 15-year-old teenager was murdered. placed in custody &agrav; view &agrav; Chenôve (Côte-d’Or). A medical-psychological unit was set up. support for students and staff of the establishment.

A tragedy surely ée avoided! a little. A college student from the Édouard-Herriot college was arrested by the police &agrav; Chenôve (Côte-d'Or), Friday March 15, after having threatened the principal of his establishment. Âgé At the age of 15, he took it upon himself. the principal of this college which has more than 300 students. As reported by The Public Good, after having been excluded from one of his courses, the student was received by the head of the establishment at who he allegedly handed over a letter mentioning a “hostage-taking” in reference to the attacks of November 2015 that occurred in the capital. Paris", reports BFMTV. While the principal read this writing, the young man took out a kitchen knife, before threatening his interlocutor with death. Reaching à flee, the main one then triggered the attack. the intruder alarm.

A medical-psychological unit set up

Stop by the police, the college student was arrested. placed on guard &agrav; seen this Friday, March 15 around 3:35 p.m. for acts of violence with a weapon in a school establishment which led to violence a disability of work of less than eight days", "death threats" and "introduction of a weapon into a é school establishment". Described as a difficult student, the teenager had already had difficulty learning. été excluded from another establishment before being educated at the high school Édouard Herriot. À At this time, the student has still not communicated. investigators with explanations concerning his motivations.

The incident, which took place in broad daylight, created "a lot of panic in the establishment," the rector à our colleagues from BFMTV. Upset by the events to which she was disappointed; &agrav; to do, the principal of the college, who is "still under the influence of emotion", filed a statement complaint, addedé rector. If usual, the school is closed on Saturday, the latter is exceptionally open this Saturday March 16 in order to be able to accommodate students as well as staff within the framework of a medical-psychological cell . For her part, the Minister of National Education, Nicole Belloubet was quick to respond. &agrav; react. She thus "condemnedé with the greatest firmnessé" threats made to against the head of the establishment, while saluting her "courage" and his "coolness", reports BFMTV. "If the matter is in the hands of justice, I have asked' “Let all light be shed on this revolting act,” she explained.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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