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Knowing these call signs will help you avoid phone scams

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In recent months, telephone scams have doubled in intensity and the scammers are getting smarter and smarterto achieve their ends. Among the most widespread techniques, we find identity theft of bank advisors, real estate credit organizations or sentimental scams. This AI scam technique, truly creepy and frightening, has also attracted a lot of attention. Here are some numbers you should be wary of, write them down!

The OnOff application and its misuse

To carry out their misdeeds, hackers often use the OnOff application, which allows you to have a second telephone number without a SIM card. From abroad, the application allows them to make phone calls with the code of their choice, depending on the country. Fortunately, the Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority (Arcep) still has control over these callsign assignments via OnOff. Since the beginning of the year, Arcep has distributed these codes for cell phones:

  • 07.56.9
  • 07.56.8
  • 06.44. 69
  • 06.44.67
  • 06.44.68
  • 06.44.66

It is therefore possible that some people already had these sequences of numbers before; and still have; of a number starting with these without knowing how to use OnOff. However, the presence of one of these codes should alert you, because these numbers are potentially used by scammers. Even if not all users of the application use it fraudulently (still happy!), still be careful and do not disclose any sensitive information.

Since the beginning of 2023, Arcep has designed a new numbering plan for commercial calls, which will necessarily go through these codes indicating that they come from metropolitan France:

  • 01.62
  • 01.63
  • 02.70
  • 02.71
  • 03.77
  • 03.78
  • 04.24
  • 04.25
  • 05.68
  • 05.69
  • 09.48
  • 09.49

In theory, calls from these numbers should be legitimate. However, caution is always required and avoid answering unknown calls.

Good reflexes to adopt

If a call seems suspicious to you, hang up immediately without thinking too much. It is entirely possible to register on the Bloctel list, a free service for blocking unsolicited advertising calls in France. Set up by the French government, it allows consumers to register on a list opposing telephone canvassing.< /p>

Don't hesitate to dial 33700 (French service which helps combat SMS spam and fraudulent voice calls) if you think you are the victim of a scam. You can also report the number to the Signal Conso site (category Abusive canvassing at the bottom left of the page) or to the PHAROS site. We have no shortage of tools in Franceto stop these calls, it would be a shame not to use them!

  • L’Arcep has distributed number combinations since the beginning of the year that can be used by scammers.
  • Even if these number sequences do not necessarily come from & #8217;scammers, they can theoretically be too.
  • Several means of reporting scams/abusive canvassing/fraud exist.

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