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 Kiev suspects poisoning of the wife of the head of military intelligence

Victor Pinchuk Foundation via Agence France-Presse The head of Ukrainian military intelligence, Kyrylo Boudanov, indicated in August that his wife lives with him “in his work office” and never leaves him for security reasons since the beginning of the invasion.

The wife of the head of Ukrainian military intelligence Kyrylo Budanov suffers from heavy metal poisoning and the authorities suspect deliberate poisoning, according to press reports and a source within these services interviewed by AFP.


The source confirmed reports published by Ukrainian media that Marianna Boudanova was poisoned and is receiving treatment, without giving further details about her condition.


Analyzes revealed that she had in her body traces of heavy metals which “are not used in everyday life or in military affairs”.

“Their presence may indicate a deliberate attempt at poisoning”, according to a cited intelligence source by the information site Babel.

An investigation into a possible assassination attempt is underway, according to this media. Contacted by AFP, the Ukrainian prosecutor's office did not wish to comment immediately.

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“In all likelihood”, the poison was delivered “with the food”, added a source within the police cited by the site Ukraïnska Pravda.

“She felt bad, so (medical) analyzes were done and these showed poisoning,” she assured, affirming that Ms. Boudanova felt better and completed “the first stage of treatment”.< /p>

According to this source, “several” other military intelligence collaborators are also being treated.

Mr. Budanov has headed the military intelligence department within the Ministry of Defense since 2020. This structure is considered responsible for several attacks against Russia since the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022.

Authorities Russians accuse Mr. Boudanov and his department in particular of having organized in October 2022 a major attack on the bridge linking Crimea, a Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Moscow, to Russia.

Kyrylo Boudanov, aged 37 , indicated in August that his wife lives with him “in his work office” and never leaves him for security reasons since the start of the invasion.

Two months earlier, a door – intelligence service spokesperson claimed that Mr. Budanov had been targeted with “more than ten” attempts on his life.

Russia has repeatedly been accused of poisoning adversaries of the Kremlin, in both at home and abroad, but she has always denied these facts.

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