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La Libre Belgique, Le Soir: the European results given before their time ?

This Sunday, June 9, the results of the Europeans are given to you. 8 p.m. by French media. But Belgian media, such as Le Soir and La Libre Belgique, are not subject to this regulation. French law.

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19:20 – Media traditionally publish results é advance

La Libre Belgique or even Le Soir (which confirmed that it would publish results "when the information is cross-checked, reliable and serious & ;quot;) are part of the media which, traditionally during each election, broadcast the first trends before 8 p.m., the official time of the results and before which It is impossible for a French media to offer the slightest estimate according to the legislation. If he evades this obligation, he risks prosecution. This is why you will not find any of these estimates on French territory before 8 p.m., the official time for disclosure of results.

19:01 – Results coming soon in France

The results of the 2024 Europeans are quickly approaching. big steps. Be careful, it is all &agrav; It is possible to see circulating on the web, social networks, and certain international media the first estimates concerning the lists which are presented in France. 

18:40 – Are the estimates from the Belgian media reliable ?

< p>It is important to keep in mind that nothing guarantees the reliability of the device. estimates or results given before 8 p.m. on these European elections. Foreign media rely on sources of which we do not know either the seriousness or the methodology applied to report the leaks. If the elements of results communicated by these media were good for the presidential election French, those of the European elections could contain biases or shortcomings. Be careful if you consult them. Another warning: do not share them publicly, you expose yourself like any media to others. a fine of up to & 75,000 euros.

18:15 – Efforts to raise public awareness

Citizens are encouraged to do so. respect confidentiality results up to 100% official time, to ensure a fair and transparent election. A harmonization of the rules for disseminating results at the European level could be considered, which would make it possible to reduce the disparities between country and guarantee equality treatment for all citizens of the Union, but no initiative in this direction is being taken into consideration at the moment.

17:50 – Le Soir announces the upcoming publication of French estimates

If the publication of the results The French were uncertain on the international media due to the holding, at the same time, of a European vote in Belgium, Le Soir has already announced that they would share the first estimates of the elections on the tricolor territory. But when ? “When the information will be cross-checked, reliable and serious, quite simply”, specifies the media.

À each election, a question comes up repeatedly: is it possible to know the results before 8 p.m., time of official closing of polling stations in France? The law is very strict regarding the publication of electoral results before the closing of the poll. According to article L52-2 of the Electoral Code, "no partial or total election result  cannot be communicated to the public by any means before the closing of the last polling station. This rule aims to: guarantee fairness in the electoral process, preventing partial results from influencing the vote of citizens who have not yet voted.

This measure is understandable. If some voters know the trends or partial results before going to the polls, this may alter their choice, thus influencing the outcome. Final result of the elections. However, this prohibition encounters practical and obvious limits, since French electoral law and the bans on the dissemination of results before 8 p.m. do not concern countries in France. foreigners. The first estimates of the 2024 European elections can be consulted on foreign websites well before 8 p.m. if media wish.

The sites of the newspapers Le Soir or La Libre Belgique are not subject to the same legal restrictions as the French media. They can therefore publish the results as soon as they are available without risking sanction. If, this year, local elections take place (the Belgians also elect their European representatives), Le Soir has already confirmed that the French results would be shared. The Belgian media had already reported this. made during French presidential elections in the past. and during the last European elections. These two Belgian sites generally leak results on the afternoon of the vote, between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

The first estimates, reliable and rigorous, will be given on Linternaute.com from 8 p.m., from this page and the search engine at the top of the article. The first results and those consolidated are to be seen. also follow on our big live European 2024.

The French authorities are nevertheless trying to prevent this from happening. while delimiting the anticipated dissemination of the results. The National Commission for Control of the Electoral Campaign for the Presidential Election (CNCCEP) and Arcom are closely monitoring ;s national media to ensure they are complying with the law. Penalties for violators can include substantial fines.

The publication of the results by Belgian media such as Libre Belgique illustrates in any case the major issue that is being played out in secret in the media , every 5 years, on election days. To be able to reveal reliable results from 20 hours and the end of legal supervision, all groups almost all press outlets are communicated, behind the scenes, with figures to be ready for further analysis. H-hour. If the French polling institutes assure most of the time that they are not in danger, Originally, many figures and estimates nevertheless circulated in the editorial offices and sometimes even within the press. for everyone to see, on social networks, or on foreign sites.

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