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La Laval police investigating “suspicious letters” /></p>
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<p class=The Laval Police Department is warning the population against extortion threats. (Archive photo)

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During the day of Monday, the Laval Police Service (SPL) was informed that certain citizens received an envelope containing an unknown white substance, accompanied by a threatening extortion letter. /p>

Investigators from the Crimes against the Person squad have taken up the case and are trying to obtain more information on these events, we can read in a press release sent at the beginning of the evening.

It is currently unknown whether a particular neighborhood or community was targeted.

If you have received such a letter in the last few days or you notice the presence of a suspicious envelope at your home, please immediately contact your Service police, through 911, to notify them of the situation.

A quote from Excerpt from a press release published by the SPL

The police department adds that it is important to handle the envelope suspect carefully and wait for the police to arrive.

Further details will follow when the nature of the white powder in question will be identified.

Any person who has received a similar envelope or has information regarding these events can contact the Info-Police Line at 450-662 -INFO (4636).

The City of Laval also warned Laval residents on its social networks at the end of the evening.

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