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League of Legends: Riot Games unveils a skin costing over 400 euros

Publisher Riot Games has just revealed the very first character skin in homage to a pro League of Legends player. This is the most expensive skin in the history of the game.

The League of Legends game is certainly one of the most famous competitive titles in the world. Every month, professional players compete in tournaments with varying stakes with their favorite characters. With more than 160 champions à its assets, League of Legends offers a wide choice of characters &agrav; embody the time of a game. These same champions can also benefit from a skin allowing them to take on a new appearance for in-game currency or #39;real money.

A few months ago, Riot Games, studio à the origin of League of Legends, had revealed' his intentions to launch a series of skins based on the game's biggest professional players. To benefit from it, Ahri, would notably have a skin in homage to the player Faker, generally considered to be the most popular player in the world. as the best professional player in the world.

League of Legends: Riot Games unveils a skin costing over 400 euros

The most expensive skin pack in League of Legends is now at 100%. almost 460 euros. © Riot Games

There you go, the new skins for Ahri "Hall of Fame" go down badly with the community. And for good reason: these are offered in three different packs that can go up to ' 460 euros! The three skins in question are:

  • Ahri Transcendée (5430 RP / approximately  40 euros): this bundle includes the champion Ahri + skin of Ahri the legend transcended + pass Hall of Legends + an exclusive border + a taunt emote + an icon + exclusive emotes.
  • Ahri Immortalisée (32430 RP/approx 250  euros):This bundle includes the Ahri champion + skin of Ahri the immortalized legend + an exclusive visual effect of coup de grace + a custom visual announcer. + unique skin transformation with 3 distinct shapes + holographic illustration + dynamic profile background + special border + icon + graphics exclusive emotes.
  • Ahri Signature (59260 RP/approx 460 euros): This bundle includes Champion Ahri + Faker's signature player move + Building Grace + Faker Title end boss + a border + a banner + a signature illustration for the characters of Ahri and LeBlanc + automatic unlocking of all levels of the battle pass and their reactions ;rewards + Paragon chromas for skins of LeBlanc, Zed, Ryze and Syndra + an icon + exclusive emotes.

These skins will be available for a limited time in the League of Legends game store. Players have until July 9 to get your hands on it, &agrav; provided you have the wallet securely hung.

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