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Legault wishes a reasonable cost for the Quebec tramway

Jacques Boissinot The Canadian Press “I agree with this project [of a tramway in Quebec], but I want to first see the cost, François Legault said Tuesday at a press briefing. The cost must be reasonable, so I wait before responding. »

The cost of the Quebec tramway project must be reasonable, declared Tuesday Prime Minister François Legault, who still intends to consult the population of the capital region on this project and on that of the third link, which he recently returned to the forefront.

Mr. Legault affirmed that he was still in favor of the tramway project, a few weeks before an update from the City of Quebec which must specify the price, probably on the rise. “I agree with this project, but I first want to see the cost,” he said at a press briefing. The cost must be reasonable, so I wait before responding. »

Mr. Legault added the tram project to the third link on the list of subjects on which he wishes to consult the population of the Quebec region.

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“Whether on a possible bridge or that either on the tramway, we have not yet decided how we are going to consult the population, but we want to consult the population,” he said.

In the wake of his stinging defeated in the riding of Jean-Talon two weeks ago, Mr. Legault had expressed his intention to consult the population on the need for a third link. After giving up on a motorway tunnel in May, the Prime Minister then again raised the possibility of building a new bridge.

Questioned about information indicating that the tram project could be subject to a referendum , Mr. Legault seemed to rule out this hypothesis. “We’re not here,” he said.

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