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Lens - PSV: the Lensois remain undefeated, the summary of the match

Led in the score, Lens found; the resources to equalize and snatch a draw against PSV Eindhoven. The Lensois maintain their invincibility; in the Champions League but slip down; 2nd place in group B, doubled by Arsenal.

Lens - PSV: the Lensois remain undefeated, the summary of the match

Lens 1: 1

Lens - PSV: the Lensois remain undefeated, the summary of the match

PSV Live

23:45 – Good night

Thank you all and all everyone for accompanying us to follow this meeting between RC Lens and PSV Eindhoven. See you tomorrow for the rest of the Champions League program with PSG hosting AC Milan, 9 p.m. Be there on linternaute.com.

Lens - PSV: the Lensois remain undefeated, the summary of the match

It's a scenario that we have seen again and again and to which we will eventually get used to in the Champions League. Once again, Lens conceded; the opening of the score, as in Sevilla and like three weeks ago against Arsenal. And as in these two meetings, Lens found; resources to equalize. If against the Gunners, they had even pushed gluttony and revolt until the end. score a second time and win, tonight they will have been "satisfied" nothing like in Andalusia. Both on their hunger for not succeeding in their achievements. better chain and not reward their supporters at their own expense. the height of their encouragement, but not happy either with this outcome in a match which could have escaped them and ultimately quite balanced.

Lens remains a team in recovery and this was again seen in a complicated start to the match; where the Eindhoven players immediately exercised their skills. very strong pressure, investing the Lensois camp to disrupt ball exits. Fortunately the vise loosened. and the Sang et Or were able to express themselves better, particularly at home. right where they insisted the entire meeting with Frankowski was untenable and indestructible.

With each of his climbs, the Pole took the upper hand on Dest and produced crosses that were all more dangerous than the others. On one of them, Medina was too short after Wahi failed to make it. cut it at the first post. Then the Colombian full-back lacked conviction when a cross from Sotoca crossed the surface to the goal. him. Alone, he crushed his attempt which did not worry Benitez. Lens thought he was paying for his lack of realism when, after returning the initiative to the Dutch, Lozano infiltrated the city. left between Sotoca and Frankowski to roll up a right shot. Fortunately, the ball was not brushed enough. and crashed into Samba's post.

Lens had been hot but was going to end up breaking down. Nervously returning from the locker room, the locals were surprised by Bakayoko. At the right corner of the area, the young Belgian striker fired a floating shot which he placed flush with Samba's post, surprised by the trajectory. It was the boost the Northerners were waiting for to finally let go. It only took them ten minutes to glue it back together.

On the right, Frankowski took advantage of the absence of marking to adjust a new cross into the Dutch area. This time, Wahi burst behind Boscagli and in front of Ramalho to take over from outside the right and slip the ball between Benitez and his near post. Already decisive face to face Arsenal, the international hopeful responded to his Belgian sidekick and reignited Bollaert's flame. From then on, Lens changed his face and showed himself to be sharper without, however, managing to achieve anything. take the advantage. The leader of the Dutch championship also created some good opportunities, such as this free kick from Veerman, which sent a Lensois back into a shattered wall. narrowly deflected into a corner.

Nothing ultimately separated his two teams, which were very close. Failing to take a decisive step towards qualifying for the round of 16, Lens is satisfied with this draw. reaction which allows him to remain undefeated in the Champions League, and draw the good series starting in September at Seville. See you in two weeks at Eindhoven for the return match. A new chance to extend the European dream and who knows to dream even bigger.

23:20 – PSV still can't do it

Although he led Following Bakayoko's goal at the start of the second half, PSV Eindhoven was unable to reach the goal. achieve victory. The Dutch club has not won again. à away in the Champions League for almost 16 years and a trip to CSKA Moscow, November 27, 2007.

23:10 – Danso: "The draw is deserved"

"It's a tough match. At the beginning, we couldn't figure out what to do. press them high but I think in the second half we had it better. “I believe the draw is deserved,” said the coach. soberly Canal+ Lens defender Kevin Danso, elected man of the match.

23:00 – Lens loses the lead in Group B

After their draw against PSV Eindhoven, RC Lens must give up their leadership of Group B. Indeed, the Sang et Or see Arsenal slip back in front of them. In the other match of the group, the Gunners won on the pitch of Sevilla Fc thanks to Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus (2-1). The ranking after 3 days:

1. Arsenal – 6 pts (+4)

2. Lens – 5 pts (+1)

3. Sevilla FC – 2 pts (-1)

4. PSV Eindhoven – 2 pts (-4)

In front of their home crowd, RC Lens obtains a draw against PSV Eindhoven (1-1). The Lensois waited to be led following their victory. a very nice goal from Bakayoko to break out of their torpor and wrap up the end of the match. Not necessarily successful, Wahi once again stood out. by taking a perfectly distilled center; by the indestructible Frankowski, and thus equalized shortly after the hour mark. Neither team then managed to achieve a goal. make a difference.

22:51 – Saïd ne does not straighten

Side right, Frankowski rolls a new cross beyond from the second post where Saïd relaxes but is unable to move on. straighten the course of the ball.

22:50 – Last change for PSV

Bosz makes his fourth and final change with the exit of Jong, replaced by Pepi.

22:49 – Additional time: 3 minutes

There will be three minutes of additional time in this second period between RC Lens and PSV Eindhoven.

22:48 – Samba comes out

In the Lens area, on the left, Vertessen passes behind Gradit's back. He then sees Samba tumbling, who throws himself at his feet. He is then helped by Danso who is responsible for clearing his camp.

22:46 – Teze turns off the counter

Dest's back cross is intercepted; and Lens goes on the counter with Pereira Da Costa. The Lensois sees Medina who has planned to à left and serves it. The Argentinian defender wants to send the ball into the area but he comes up against; Teze, well positioned.

22:45 – Person at hand reception

Frankowski shows no sign of fatigue in his right lane where; it keeps going up. Well served, he curls his cross but this time, Guilavogui and Saïd are too short to come and cut it.

22:41 – Three changes to the lead. Bollaert

In the 82nd minute, three changes were made by the two technicians. Franck Haise sends Haïdara to Machado's place, while Bosz launches Til and Vertessen, replacing Bakayoko and Lozano.

22:40 – It flies for Medina

Served by Abdul Samed in the left axis of the Dutch area, Medina misses his control but still manages to score. follow up with a heavy left strike. His ball floats and passes over Benitez's goal.

22:40 – Danso header

The corner is rolled up; exiting and heading back to pas de Jong. Danso is on the trajectory and stops him with his head.

At 25 meters in the center, Veerman takes care of rolling in his free kick. The Lens wall cracks as Machado separates. The ball passes right to the right. this place but is affected by a northern back which deflects it just enough to send it flush with Samba's post, for a corner.

22:34 – Lens pushes

Thomasson gets a corner after a good call behind the Dutch defense. Guilavogui takes care of shooting it from the right corner. His ball is pushed away by Schouten's head but the danger returns. This time, on a cross from the left, Saïd does not manage to reach the goal. bring down his ball to frame his attempt which remains to be seen. left of the goal.

22:32 – Tillman comes out

First change for PSV Eindhoven. In the 70th minute, Bosz decided to recall Tillman to the bench and start Saïbari.

22:31 – Wahi replaced

Author of the equalizing goal, Wahi is replaced; à the 72nd minute. He gives up his place to Guilavogui.

22:30 – Yellow card against Boscagli

Launched; in depth, Wahi overtakes Boscagli but is thrown by the PSV Eindhoven defender, who is logically warned.

25 meters away left, Pereira Da Costa curls his free kick to the far post. With a header, Ramalho hits Thomasson whose first-intention shot is blocked by a PSV defender in an overcrowded area.

22: 27 – Lens came back again

Like against Sevilla FC and against Sevilla FC. Arsenal, RC Lens was led and managed to achieve equalize in the Champions League.

Side right, Frankowski rolls in a superb cross. His ball arrives in the area where; behind Boscagli who cannot intervene, Wahi bursts in front of Ramalho to cut the trajectory. From outside the right, he catapults the ball between Benitez and his near post. Bollaert roared from this equalizer the 65th minute.

22:23 – Triple change for Lens

In the 63rd minute, Franck Haise made three changes to try to bring dynamism and percussion to the game. his team. The northern technician brings out Fulgini, Mendy and Sotoca to throw Thomasson, Pereira da Costa and Saïd onto the pitch.

22:21 – Sotoca controlled

At the hour mark, Sotoca approaches the lead. 18 meters and tries his luck with the right but a forest of legs repels his shot.


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