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Like at the flea market, this French antivirus is at a very low price (-65%)

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Intego offers its Mac Security And Performance suite, with integrated antivirus, . Or 65% reduction, if we consider the base price of 84.99 euros per year. Enough, therefore, to save more than fifty euros during the twelve months that the subscription lasts. The latter is then renewable, but at the original rate. Among the software in the suite, we also find Personal Backup 10.9, an alternative to Time Machine compatible with most Macs of the moment. To find out more, you can also take the time to read our own Intego test, complete with our opinion.

To install Intego on your computer, you will need to check that you have enough memory, as with any software. Besides, be aware that if you have little left, the Washing Machine software is included in the Mac Security And Performance suite. Washing Machine is a tool that detects unwanted or duplicate files, and allows you to delete them in bulk and quickly. We were also able to try it, and it was easy to save several gigabytes on our memory, in less than an hour. Of course, the amount of data gained this way will change depending on what your own folders contain.

The VPN is also very affordable

With this, know that Intego also offers a virtual private network. This is a really very affordable price compared to the prices that we sometimes find with the competition. Especially since here, unlike others, you benefit from a French publisher. For those who favor made in France, this is an advantage. Otherwise, please note that Intego customer service is also available in English. Some of the developer's tools are also published in Spanish, the list of supported languages ​​being displayed on its site.

Coming back to the virtual private network, know that it is a good way to find better prices on your plane tickets . Indeed, airlines sometimes charge residents of wealthier countries more. By locating your IP address virtually in a country with a lower average income, you could save a few euros. Considering the price of air travel at the moment, there's no refusal. Since the COVID pandemic ended, we know that ticket prices have exploded overall. You sometimes have to pay several hundred euros just for a trip between two European cities.

How to know if this antivirus is correct ?

To find out if there are any potential mishaps hidden, you can consult the reviews left on the antivirus page. There we find testimonials published on three different sites, which are relatively positive. Otherwise, know that we ourselves found the tool quite efficient when we tried it. The parental control functionality is particularly well provided. This allows you to define time slots for accessing the web. For children, it's a good way to protect them from the dangers of the internet.

Intego Antivirus works at all times, even when you are not using the computer. What's more, you have a database dedicated to teaching you how to use the software, online. This is full of information to understand each functionality. So you're not lost if you've never used an antivirus before. And if you still have any questions, then you can write to Intego by email. As you are a subscriber, you receive a priority response. Just check that your computer is compatible before purchasing.

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