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Like this the new Xbox Series X White (without disk drive) ?

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A few weeks ago, there were persistent rumors that Microsoft was preparing a “new Xbox“. Quickly, instead of a possible 'Xbox Series X Pro', more powerful, a completely different machine was mentioned, namely an Xbox Series X without any disk drive. Today, it's the magazine Exputer which indicates having received images of the upcoming machine.

The Xbox Series

As (almost) always, the images in question are of very questionable quality, but the magazine indicates that they are able to confirm the upcoming design, which reportedly corroborated by The Verge. Concretely, we discover a classic Xbox Series lower right… but without the slightest slot, therefore, to insert a game CD.

This new white Xbox Series For the rest, no major change (a priori), and the desire here would be to offer a console with power equivalent to the Xbox Series X, but dedicated to 100% digital gaming.

Like this the new Xbox Series X White (without disk drive) ?

© Exputer

Obviously, this would also allow Microsoft to offer an “intermediate” in its catalog, since this new white Xbox Series

In this way, Microsoft could offer the Xbox Series S at $299, this new model at $399, and the Xbox Series X at $499.

A similar strategy… to that of the Xbox One S All Digital ?

To all those who were hoping for a revamped version of the Xbox Series X, it seems that this is not the case. According to The Verge, this white version could however include other new features (such as a 2 TB SSD?), but in terms of looks , Microsoft would have obviously adopted the same strategy as with the Xbox One S All Digital, launched at the end of 2019.

Like this the new Xbox Series X White (without disk drive) ?

© Microsoft

On the Sony side, we offered a Slim version of the PS5 at the end of last year, with a makeover of circumstances (but not necessarily very judicious on certain points), and various optimizations. In recent weeks, a Pro version of the PS5 has been at the heart of many rumors.

As always, you will have to wait for official confirmation from Microsoft to find out everything about this “new Xbox“, and in particular s&# 8217;it is indeed an Xbox Series X dressed in a white dress, and from which we have simply removed the physical drive. So be patient.

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