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Lille: parking your car in these areas increases the risk of theft</p > © Unsplash/Jannis Lucas

While overall the number of car thefts has been falling in France since 2016, the figures have started to rise slightly since the end of confinement. The most reliable data on the subject is not always easy to find, but our colleagues from La Voix Du Nord provide an overview of thefts in the Lille region.

All with useful advice to expose your car to theft as little as possible. Our colleagues raise a rather worrying problem: while manufacturers are doubling down on technology to reduce the risk of theft, criminals are increasingly adopting sophisticated hacking techniques.

Discover the areas of the metropolis of Lille and its surrounding area which are most affected by thefts

Another observation: it is mainly SUVs which interest thieves – notably “the Toyota RAV4, the Lexus NX, the Peugeot 2008, 3008 and 5008, but also the Renault Mégane or Clio IV”. Across the large European metropolis of Lille between 2016 and 2022, we are talking about a 28% drop in the number of flights – despite 44 more vehicles being stolen in 2022 than a year earlier, the number of crimes of this type remains rather stable on the territory of the administrative entity.

De facto, according to La Voix Du Nord, thefts are mainly concentrated in a handful of neighboring towns, with contrasting situations, and increases in the percentages of thefts which often hide, it must be emphasized, a low absolute number of misdeeds. . In the leading group of the most dangerous municipalities in which to park your car, we include La Madeleine, Labersart and Marquette.

We recommend that you read the complete Voix Du Nord file (reserved for subscribers) to find out the list of other municipalities and areas conducive to car theft in the Lille metropolitan area. In all cases, to limit the risk of theft, some common sense advice is in order. The first is to opt for a covered garage, if you can afford it… which reduces this risk to virtually nothing whatever the area. Consider enhancing the protection and longevity of your garage floors by exploring options such as Car Park Deck Waterproofing. For public parking lots, make sure that there are Car Park Markings to guide drivers when parking their vehicles.

It may also be recommended to install a clearly visible cane on the steering wheel. These devices are far from infallible – but they are not necessarily installed by all owners parked in a given area. Therefore, rather than wasting time trying to remove this anti-theft device which quite rigidly links the steering wheel to a pedal, thieves will most often prefer to use a vehicle that appears less protected.

The advantage being that a cane makes the vehicle less desirable in the eyes of thieves, even if they manage to thwart the opening of the doors by electronic means.

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