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LinkedIn: these 4 new tools will help you find a job

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If you are looking for a job or are listening to new career opportunities, LinkedIn has thought of you, and offers new options to make your experience more pleasant and efficient. Let's take stock of these very welcome additions to Microsoft's professional social network.

1) Collections of job offers

This feature brings together opportunities in sectors and within companies that are not available to you perhaps not familiar. As noted by Zdnet, various collections are offered such as the start-up, teleworking, or even sustainable development categories. This new option can be found in the job offer tab of the mobile application or website. In short, it's an excellent way to give you research ideas.

2) An “I'm interested” button

The latter is now offered on certain company pages and will allow you to inform the employer. It’s sort of a first approach that doesn’t require applying for a specific position. Our colleagues compare it to spontaneous application. The organization in question will then have access to your profile, and if your skills are sought after, they may decide to contact you.

3) The Preferences page to refine your search

In the Job offers section of the service, you will find this option to better personalize your search. It is thus possible to provide information on work organization methods (face-to-face, teleworking), but also the remuneration you are aiming for.

4) A chatbot to guide you

Following the emergence of ChatGPT and its rivals, LinkedIn has also decided to add AI to help with job searches. The latter can assist you in your search for vacant positions and tell you if your profile is suitable for the position offered. It is therefore a sort of virtual career coach which is intended to be refined over time.

It is also possible to prepare for an interview ;#8217;hires with this chatbot. Tomer Cohen, product manager at LinkedIn, explained this last November: “Our new job search experience reinvents what’s possible. Whether it's transparently assessing whether a particular job is right for you or identifying how to best position yourself for that job, we'll help you find your dream job and build your confidence”.

Have you already been able to test one of these new features on LinkedIn, and if so, what did you think of it ? Don't hesitate to share your point of view in the comments.

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