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LinkedIn: why is the social network in the crosshairs of the European Commission ?

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The DSA (Digital Services Act) is wreaking havoc. Since its entry into force, the web giants must completely review their operation on the Old Continent. The issues are more concrete than ever for users. In this sense, the European Union has already put Apple's ideas back into place, which is paying a fine of 1.84 billion euros for unfair competition against Spotify.

This Thursday, March 14, 2024, it is LinkedIn which is in the crosshairs of the European Commission. The institution asks the professional social network for explanations about the use of the personal data of its users.

LinkedIn would exploit “sensitive” data for advertising targeting

Like Wikipedia, X (formerly Twitter), Booking, AliExpress and even Pornhub, Linkedin has been recognized as a “very large platform” by the European Commission, being visited by more than 45 million Europeans every month. Consequently, the professional social network must comply with the obligations of the new European regulation.

It seems that the European Commission has good reason to suspect LinkedIn of exploiting certain sensitive personal data of its users, such as political opinions, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. According to a European source, the social network uses them for advertising targeting purposes.

At this time, this is not an accusation. The European Commission simply wants to ensure that LinkedIn complies with the DSA. That said, the social network has every interest in providing sufficiently convincing information. In the event of incorrect, incomplete or misleading information in response to a request for information, the European Commission has the right to impose fines. Remember that the DSA prohibits digital players from targeting advertising to children or based on sensitive data. The web giants are subject to openness and transparency.

Thus, LinkedIn still has a few days to show its credentials to the European Commission. Indeed, the professional platform must provide the requested information before April 5, 2024.

But let LinkedIn rest assured: it is not the only social network to be in the crosshairs of the European Union. Indeed, Meta must also be accountable to the institution, particularly regarding its ad-free subscription options for Facebook and Instagram users.

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