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LIVE. Roland-Garros 2024: follow the dream final between Alcaraz and Zverev, score and result

This Sunday, June 9, marks the end of Roland-Garros 2024 with a tempting men's final between Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev. Follow the match live.

The essentials

  • This Sunday, June 9, the men's final will be held at Roland-Garros with a match between Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev.
  • Iga Swiatek won the women's final this Saturday, June 9 against Jasmine Paolini (6-2, 6-1). 
  • Follow the Roland-Garros finals live. 


15:38 – Alcaraz confirms (4-2)

Zverev lacks power on this shot and is punished by Alcaraz who makes the German fold on this cross forehand. Break confirmed for the Spaniard. 

New missed serve by Zverev who is under assault from Carlos Alcaraz who is gaining momentum in this Roland-Garros 2024 final. 

15:32 – Three break points for Alcaraz (2-2)

The Spaniard is rewardedé by his initiative in this Roland-Garros 2024 final and has three opportunities to get back in front. 

15: 30 – Alcaraz returns (2-2)

Sublime cushioning from Carlos Alcaraz who wins his first service game of this Roland-Garros 2024 final. 

15:28 – There is better (2-1)

We feel that the two men gradually enter this final of Roland-Garros 2024 and let loose a little more. 

15 :25 – Zverev goes in front (2-1)

This time it goes through for the server. Alexander Zverev pockets his service game and goes ahead, for the first time, in this Roland-Garros 2024 final. 

15:23 – The first ace (1-1)

Alexander Zverev seems to be taking his ease in this Roland-Garros 2024 final and scores the first ace of the game. 

The servers start this Roland-Garros 2024 final with difficulty and Alexander Zverev catches up with the score after the break d'Alcaraz. 

15:19 – A double fault also for Alcaraz (1-0)

Like the German, the Spaniard commits a double fault on his first service game. A lot of tension in this start of the Roland-Garros 2024 final. 

Alcaraz takes advantage of the tension hanging over Zverev's head to take the latter's serve. The Spaniard takes control and matters in hand in the exchanges at the start of this Roland-Garros 2024 final. 

15:16 – A first hooked game (0-0)

Alcaraz returns à equality on the first service game of this Roland-Garros 2024 final. 

15:14 – And a winning service (0- 0)

After two double faults, Zverev regains precision. 

15:13 – Two double faults! (0-0)

Alexander Zverev makes a second double fault on the first two points of this Roland-Garros 2024. The German changes his mind ;eacute;jà racket. 

15:13 – Alreadyà voltage (0-0)

This Roland-Garros 2024 final begins with a double fault from Alexander Zverev. 

The final of this Roland-Garros 2024 begins with the first service game for Alexander Zverev. 


The overloaded calendar does not change the dates of Roland-Garros which takes place from May 20, 2024 with the start of qualifying to Sunday June 9, 2024, the day of the men's final.

If the ticketing system remains as in previous years, tickets will now be 100% digital. . There will be three phases. The first tickets will be sold to club presidents then to licensees of the French Federationç tennis court, before the opening of the ticket office to the general public on Wednesday March 13 & 10am. You need to pay at least 39 € for access to the side courts during the main tournament, and 50 € minimum to have a place in the stands of the Philippe Chatrier court. Resales of places are also planned at the end of the year. as the tournament approaches and during the fortnight.  

The overall allocation for Roland-Garros 2024 has been increased. unveiled on April 25, 2024. In 2024, the overall allocation is up 7.8% compared to the previous year. last year, and rose to a new level. 53.478 million euros according to the press release of Roland-Garros. 

Broadcasters of Roland Garros in 2024,  France TV and Amazon Prime (s'subscribe & ;agrav; Amazon Prime Video) have renewed their contract until 2027. France Tétévisions will broadcast in full daytime matches whileAmazon Prime will broadcast the 11 night sessions from the first Sunday to the last Wednesday of the tournament. Unlike &agrav; Last year, Amazon Prime will no longer have the exclusivity matches on the Simonne Matthieu.  The two media managed to reach an agreement. They will co-broadcast the semi-finals of the ladies' and gentlemen's singles draws, the ladies' and gentlemen's doubles and the mixed doubles final.

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