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LOL: Who laughs, comes out! (Prime Video): Here is the promising cast of the new season

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It's done, after a special Halloween edition LOL: whoever laughs, comes out! will soon return for a new season on Amazon Prime Video. And our colleagues du Parisien even had access to the list of candidates which reveals some pleasant surprises.

Actors and videographers

Without further ado, here are the names of the lucky ones. We will thus see Jean-Pascal Zadi, the actor who is rising in French cinema. Crowned with a César in 2021, he is also showing d'En Place on Netflix.

At his side, we will find Alban Ivanov, Jérôme Commandeur, but also Marina Foïs. The videographers McFly and Carlito will also be there, and they will surely be formidable competitors in this new edition. Finally, let's complete the list of competitors: Audrey Lamy, Alisson Wheeler and Redouane Bougheraba.

A well-established concept

If you missed the previous seasons, know that LOL: he who laughs, comes out! is based on a concept from Japanese show Hitoshi Matsumoto Presents Documental. The idea was then developed in many countries, and it is very simple to understand: artists and comedians are locked up for six hours in a loft. Their goal is to make the other candidates laugh without bursting out laughing in turn.

Controversies over remuneration

The show experienced controversy after comedian Blanche Gardin claimed that she had refused to participate and that she would have was paid 200,000 euros. Subsequently, the amount granted to the association defended by the winner increased from 50,000 to 150,000 euros.

The platform does not has never communicated on the reasons for this change, but as our colleagues du Parisien imagined last October, we can imagine that it is linked to this controversy.

For the rest, we do not yet know if this new edition will include new features. For Halloween, participants were treated to passages in the dark where frightening creatures came to tickle them.

Do you like this show, and if so what are the ingredients of its success? Tell us in the comments.

What it must remember:

  • LOL: who laughs, comes out! will make its return to Amazon Prime Video
  • If we do not yet know its broadcast date, the list of candidates is already known
  • Despite the controversies, the show enjoyed great success with the French public

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