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Lomepal accused of rape: faced with three complaints, the rapper denies

According to information from Médiapart, a third woman carried complaint against Lomepal for rape.

The Lomepal affair is getting worse. screw&eac; by two complaints of rape, the 32-year-old rapper is accusedé by a third woman of similar circumstances, revealed Mediapart Tuesday May 21 in an article relaying the words of two of these complainants. The same day, a third alleged victim therefore filed a complaint "in a Parisian police station", according to information from the police. ;investigation slide.

According to her statements, this woman, now 33 years old, accuses Lomepal of having abused her. from her in 2017, "at the singerès mother" whom she had met a few weeks earlier "à an evening with mutual friends." The complainant, "who had already had sexual relations with the artist", according to Médiapart, says she fell asleep in the latter's bed: "I then woke up ;aroused with a start, he was behind me and tried to sodomize me." She says she pushed him away. "à several times, in vain.

According to her testimony, she would have launched : "What's that you don't understand when someone tells you no ?" That &agrave? to which the singer would have replied: "We know very well what çthat means when you say no." Confrontation à Following these statements, Lomepal denied any violence against him. Médiapart and ensures that the relationship was consented: "I would never have even imagined' do this &agrav; someone asleep."

Lomepal already has screw&eac; by two complaints of rape

Two other women, before this last alleged victim, carried complaint against Lomepal for similar facts. The testimony of one of them had been taken into account. published – without her consent recalls Médiapart – by Le Parisien, before she also expressed herself in the columns of the investigative newspaper. She recounts events that would have taken place in the past. New York in 2017 and for which she woreé complaint in 2020.

After the revelation of this first complaint, another woman also accused her of of rape the interpreter of Trop beau. According to his testimony, published by the AFP – also without her consent, M&diapart believes – she would have beené abused by Lomepal at her home in 2018. Then a student, she was 19 years old and had attended &agrav; a concert by the artist.

Lomepal denies rape accusations

Faced with the testimonies of the two complainants who requested &agrav; remain anonymous, collected by Médiapart, Lomepal denies. “If some of these moments could have hurt or left a bitter memory, I sincerely regret it,” begins Antoine Valentinelli – his real name. And to affirm: "I know very well that I did not commit rape." 

"I have, for a few years while I was single, multiplied my purely sexual relationships with women that I did not know and who did not know me, relationships sometimes without real exchange, without particular tenderness, and without follow-up, ;size the artist à Mediapart. Women can freely choose this type of relationship, they do not necessarily induce domination."

"I am not this character, and I never was", he summarizes . The investigation, opened in 2020, is still ongoing. Lomepal had been arrested; placed in custody &agrav; seen on February 27 and 28 and confronted with to the first two complainants.

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