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Lomepal accused of rape: what we know about the two complaints

A second complaint of rape was filed. filed against the rapper Lomepal, already accused similar facts.

A second complaint for rape against the rapper Lomepal. screw&eac; by a preliminary investigation for the same facts after a first complaint filed in 2020, is accused of by another woman, report AFP and Franceinfo. This second complainant filedé complaint in 2023 against the artist, for facts which date back to 2018 and would have occurred in France. For the moment, the interpreter of Trop beau is not being prosecuted in this second case. "Our client will not speak for the moment, because he wishes to let justice work peacefully. He was é heard at length, he was able to respond precisely and provide “determining material elements”, have  informed Franceinfo of the singer's lawyers, Jacqueline Laffont and Julie Benedetti. 

And to add: "The criminal qualification of the alleged facts is also largely subject to judicial review. debate. His custody à view was é lifted well before the end of the legal period and without prosecution. The rest of the investigation will establish his innocence. As part of the investigation opened after the first complaint against him, Lomepal was arrested. placed on guard &agrav; seen last week, Tuesday and Wednesday and was seen last week. confronted&eac; &agrav; his two accusers, report the same sources.

L'été Last time, the press revealed that Lomepal was targeted. by an investigation into rape, for events that occurred outside the home. New York and which go back à 2017. A complaint had been filed deposited in this sense by "knowledge" of the artist. A few weeks earlier, it was on social networks that the message had been posted. implied that affairs of this type were going to break out around the 32-year-old artist.

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