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London attack accused calls action horrible | London attack accused stands trial

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Nathaniel Veltman answered questions from prosecutor Jennifer Moser during the premeditated murder trial in Windsor.

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At a hearing in Windsor on Monday, the accused of the London attack admitted to the crime ;horror of his gesture at the end of his cross-examination. The Crown further argued that Nathaniel Veltman's plans were “crystallized” and “finalized” a week before the attack.

For a third and final day Monday, Crown attorney Jennifer Moser cross-examined Mr. Veltman at his trial for the premeditated terrorist murders of four members of the same family in London, England. June 2021.

The lawyer again made a series of suggestions to the accused which the latter denied.

Among other things, she argued that the man, then aged 20, had gone out on the evening of June 6, 2021, with the aim of hunting Muslims to find and kill them.

Accused in attack on London Muslim family stands trial

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Accused in attack on Muslim family of London stands trial

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You had considered what the consequences of these actions might be for yourselves, argued Mr. Moser.

The lawyer alleged that the drawers and cabinets left open in the accused's apartment as well as the USB key containing his manifesto had been left there intentionally for the police because Nathaniel Veltman knew that they would be the next to enter his apartment.

The accused, for his part, maintained that the actions taken that evening were the response to an impulse and not a deliberate and planned action. Noting the contradictions between his current testimony and the comments he made in the hours following his arrest, he has repeatedly described the comments he made in 2021 as absurd.

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Nathaniel Veltman during his appearance on October 12.

When the Crown suggested he knew the actions he was accused of would land him in prison for the rest of his life, Nathaniel Veltman responded that he knew it was immoral and horrible, but denied having considered the actions. consequences of his actions.

The accused had nevertheless made contradictory remarks during his interrogation with detective Micah Boudreau. He told the police officer that he understood the consequences to which he was exposed, but that he judged that it was worth it.

In conclusion of his counter- interrogation, Me Jennifer Moser submitted a final proposition to the accused.

It is because you have nothing but time since the events that you made this new version of what you did, to live better with what you did.

A quote from Jennifer Moser, prosecutor

A proposition that the accused sharply denied.

Defense lawyers will once again be able to briefly question their client in the trial which is in its seventh week.

After which, other witnesses could be called by the defense.

Mr. Christopher Hicks, who represents Nathaniel Veltman , has already told jurors that they will hear testimony from psychiatrist Julian Goger.

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